Thursday, October 24, 2013

Advanced Cell Technology stock sales/getting rich

Even without any money invested here in Advanced Cell Technology stock, I can understand why the buddy of mine that recommended it says that the stock market isn't for the weak. I have nothing to lose and my heart still goes up and down with the fluctuating price of the stock. I'm actually getting caught up in the process. A great deal of my interest is because I want my friend to make a bundle. Another part is that when it comes to medical research I want to see inroads in treatment and cure of disease. Only one week ago I never even heard of this company and today I'm fussing and fretting over each and every blip on the stock exchange. Crazy how stuff like that works. It's pretty neat that their clinical trials are going so well. That ought to shake things up.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Getting rich with stocks/Advanced Cell Technology

Well, someone is getting on the bandwagon with those advanced Cell Technology stocks. They bought 20,000,000 yesterday. I'm thinking my buddy that suggested that stock may be onto something. But, of course that is what he does all day, every day, buy and sell stocks. That's what it takes to make a go of it. Unless, your name is Warren Buffet and you can buy or sell any company at any time you wish, even an entire railroad from what I hear. Meanwhile, back here in the world of reality for me, where there is no extra money to lose, I am left to watching the stock market from afar. I guess that's OK by me. But, to tell the complete truth, part of me wishes he was buying some of that 20,000,000 Advanced Cell Technology stock. As a matter of fact, if I can sell one more of my old, antique radios, I' wouldn't be surprised if I buy a few thousand shares. If I win, all is well in River City. If I lose, it won't change my lifestyle.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Advanced Cell Technologies/Getting rich with stocks

The stock tip on Advanced Cell Technologies the other day, that I cannot afford to take advantage of, has shown promise already just as he said it would. The stock rose over 10% in just a couple days and is continuing to be very active. I'm thinking it's going to go even higher in quick fashion. One of the company officers is giving a lecture and that will probably divulge some good news there too. Once again I will miss the opportunity to increase my worth due to a lack of excess funds. Even so, I find it exciting to see some stocks show huge gains. Somebody is going to make a haul from what my buddy said. He's just bought a bunch of it to hold onto until the clinical trials are over. The health markets are blossoming what with the affordable health care act here in the states. I'll keep watching and let you know what happens.
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