Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Power, how far should it go?

Recent happenings in Pakistan waylay ed my search for the most powerful man in America as you can well understand. There is so much more information connected to it too. So much is going on around the world and right under our noses that we are totally unaware of but suspect at the same time. It's good to take some time and gather it all in before secrecy takes over once again.

The most powerful man in the United States, with only one name is working behind the scenes as you read this. Connecting the dots and making alliances in such a way that reminds me of the process by which somebody wins the Survivor game on TV. The difference is, this guy does things for real and we all reap the rewards or consequences of his efforts. I wonder how we allow him to have so much control over our freedom. In my short life I have seen so many changes it makes my head spin sometimes. That's why I'm trying to chase this guy down, to find out his motivation exactly. For example: Why did he work so hard to take away our social security money, how was that a benefit to those of us who pay into it to help secure our old age? Maybe more importantly, why did we let him?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Death of Osama Bin Ladin

It's been a long time coming, this elimination of a powerful terrorist that ordered the murder of so many innocent people and cost the world so much in money, time and resources. Bin Ladin is finally gone. That doesn't mean we can rest on our laurels though. (Whatever laurels are) Now we have to concentrate on the next terrorist and the next terrorist and so on and so forth because as sure as we are Americans there will be someone wanting to kill us and destroy our way of life and what we stand for.

The stock market is going to do something in response to this news along with the rest of the free world. It's going to be interesting for a few days anyway. For my part I'm going to include an extra prayer or two. I do wonder though just what will happen to Mr. Bin Ladin in his heaven or hell. In my own beliefs I feel that all evil is rewarded by God. No one escapes from the consequences of what they have done. Be it terrorism or a a good deed of some sort, everything has a reward or consequence. We had to get that guy and stop the carnage but I don't have to worry about revenge, it's not my job. I can however, feel real good he's gone. It's been almost ten years we've been chasing him. It's a good day in River City.

Now I can continue my search for the most powerful guy in the U.S.. He's been at it again.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Power over all of us

Oh, My Gosh! The more I look into finding the most powerful person in America, the more I find out about just how powerful he is. So much so that in the past few years alone he has changed the way we eat, how we drive our cars and how we raise our children. Not simply influenced mind you, but actually changed those things. Think about that for a minute...............................

All of that and so much more he's accomplished and I still haven't found out just where he hangs his hat at any given time. He's all over the place and pops up seemingly at will and random. Usually he brings change small or large to our daily lives. On top of that, once he's changed something, it almost never goes back to the way it was.

I think you can begin to see why I want to meet this guy. Why does he do all of these things? Just who does he think he is? When I find him maybe I can understand why he uses his power so much and how he got all that power in the first place. So much power in the hands of one person is kind of scary. I want to know if it is actually a conspiracy or quite another thing entirely. For the time being we all live under his rule. And we're supposed to be an example of individual freedom to the rest of the world. I do think I may be closing in though.
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