Monday, July 1, 2013

Dad's wisdom and me-Joe Cramer

One thing that seemed to irk my dad was when someone whined about their situation in life and kept blaming everyone except themselves. He couldn't tolerate that and avoided anyone that whined endlessly. Complaining from time to time wasn't the issue. "Complaining sometimes was good for the soul." He said. But after the complaining was over the time came to do something to change the problem. He said he never missed the opportunity to vote in even the least significant elections. Voting was a way of changing things and if he didn't vote he had no right to complain either way. My dad never voted for a tax. In his way of thinking the government through the constitution was already set up to get enough taxes to run it. He figured that if we kept on voting for more taxes they'd just keep getting bigger and bigger. He heard enough whining from the government about taxes to last a lifetime. Me too I'm thinking maybe lately.
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