Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturdays, with reservations

What a wonderfully beautiful day today, Saturday is going to be. I'm not supposed to have much work to do at the shop. Sunshine, temperatures in the 50's, college football is on most of the day, I have a full tank of gas, and some steaks are thawing for dinner. It's shaping up to be one for the record books all right. However, from past experience I can't help but have a feeling of impending doom.

Saturdays are special. Yet they are sometimes contradictory.

It's a beautiful day to enjoy the outdoors. Saturday is perfect for spending hours raking leaves from a yard you so diligently spent hours raking last Saturday.

Saturday is a day off to spend home for millions of people. Saturday is the busiest day of the week for tens of thousands of telemarketers.

Saturday is a great day to sleep in. Saturday is the day your next door neighbor chooses to rototill his garden and get his snowblower started, before breakfast.

Saturday is a great day to pick up some things at the store. Saturday is the day everyone else does too.

Saturday is a great day to do your banking. Saturday the bank closes at noon, the same time you wake up from sleeping late or finish raking the leaves.

Saturday is a great day to take a ride and enjoy the fall colors. Saturday is the day the work crews shut down and repair the roads that were too busy to work on during the week.

Saturday is quiet, a perfect day to catch up on office work. Saturday is the day customers stop by to have you look at stuff without waiting for other customers when you were open.

As you can see I find Saturdays rather a contradiction. I work most Saturdays so you would think a Saturday off would be a treat. It is! Its just that its not a treat until everything else is done.

My plans for the day have to be flexible or I'll wind up being disappointed. I'm an expert in that sort of thing though. To prevent being woke up by a neighbor at 7am, I got myself up at 3:30. To prevent long waiting lines at the stores, I was finished by 5am. To prevent being interrupted at work I was done by 7am. To prevent a myriad of detours on the road, I took the long way home for a short but colorful ride. To prevent getting to the bank after hours, I used the night deposit.

I am flexible, pro-active, whatever you want to call it but I am determined to end the day with stories of how much enjoyment I had on my very rare Saturday off. The only cloud on the horizon that I can foresee that I really can't do anything about is this: As sure as this is Saturday, I will fall asleep, wherever I am at the time, somewhere around 6 or 7pm. That's a lock! About the time everyone else who didn't take such preventive precautions as I are just getting started in having a great time. Even caution has its consequence I guess.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Tax solution

Taxes, taxes, taxes! They loom over our heads like clouds before a storm. Most of us that is. Not everyone is concerned about taxes. Super rich people may scream they are paying way too many taxes but when all is said and done their everyday lives really aren't affected much, if at all. I mean, if I have to survive on 10 million dollars a year instead of 11 million my lifestyle won't be noticeably different will it? And then there are the permanently non working poor. No income from sources other than the government, equals no taxes. Then there are those underemployed that receive credits at tax filing time and get a refund more than ten times what they paid in. Technically that amounts to revers taxation, pay in ten bucks get back a hundred.

There are so many tax loop holes, even congress can't keep up with them. And the favoritism of those loop holes is scandalous. Its enough to drive you to believe some of those schemes that profess to stop the government from taxing you at all. I've met some of those folks, before and after they went to jail for tax evasion or conspiracy against the government. That's certainly not the way to go. Then there are the super independent souls who live in the rural areas that trade services, do odd jobs and otherwise keep any income invisible to the authorities. Modern day mountain people they are. Everyone it seems is fed up with taxes. Me too!

Most every politician, during their election campaign delivers some kind of speech on how they will overhaul the tax system and make it fair, lowering every ones tax rate, eliminating or creating loop holes to special interest groups and all the while reducing spending and paying off the national debt in the next four years. It sounds magical. It sounds fantastic. It sounds too good to be true.

Since the beginning of time, no one has been able to develope a tax system that satisfies most, let alone all tax payers. The writers of the bible describe tax collectors as morally among the lowest of the low. Being called a tax collector was a slur against your good name. I guess there is no answer to the problem. We're never going to be satisfied are we? Except of course, if everyone paid taxes at the same rate no matter their situation. 1% 2% 3% 4% what does it really matter? If the rate was set, without exception, for every conceivable transaction, and that was the sole financial resource for any and all governmental agency and they had to budget accordingly, we would all learn to live within our means right? No, it ain't gonna happen is it folks?

Taxes are determined by trial and error with each new generation. Greece is finding that out. They thought that they could all receive complete financial security guaranteed by the government for as long as they lived and they didn't have to pay much in the way of tax to get it. The process is, just receive, don't pay! The politicians went along with it so they could get elected. Now the entire country is broke. Japan is a very disciplined country and take care of their older citizens very nicely. They are running into some problems there now too.

It'll all work out. It always has. It's laughable that so many of us think the situation is unique and a solution is just around the corner. It is! We just don't want to be the one to start paying the tab.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joe Paterno, Sandusky and our kids

The "alleged" Sandusky child sexual assault investigation and subsequent failure to report.

How would this whole thing play out if a few minor details were changed?

What if it wasn't involving football?

What if it wasn't involving a college coach?

What if it didn't involve Joe Paterno?

What if setting certain athletic records weren't involved?

What if college students weren't involved?

What if it wasn't Penn State?

There are a whole lot of what ifs here I think. Its kind of a shame how all the media hype concerning the popular people and places involved overwhelms the plight of the "alleged" victims don't you think?

I've watched and listened to several sports commentators since this whole thing came to light. I am proud of the way they disregard the spotlight on the popular people and places involved and express their concerns for the victims. The embarrassment JoePa experiences is nothing compared to the devastation of even one of the victims. I am grateful this has come to light and the perpetrator won't be able to destroy the innocence of any more kids. He will pay hell for what he's done. I'm sure of it! No matter who or what is involved.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Testing, 1,2,3, Testing

So far, so good. Yesterday my posting went through effectively. Right now, as I am looking at my message line, there is no indication that this posting will publish as yet. So, what the heck. I suppose I can write anything. Just like about a lot of women that are making unsubstantiated accusations in the media. Kind of reminds me of little kids only the consequences are far more severe. In second grade us little kids were chatting about who we wanted to be elected president in November. I can see the sincere look on the face of the girl seated next to me in class when she said: "We don't want Eisenhower to be elected! He wants to make us go to school on Saturday and not have summer vacation." All us other kids went, "Ooooohhh! That's terrible. No! We don't want him." Actually, none of us voted for him either. I mean anyone with an angelic face like the little girl that said that certainly wouldn't lie would they? Kids just know that sort of thing, what's true and what isn't. They don't even need proof. Now that I think about it, neither do some adults.

I watched a TV program last night that covered Michael Jackson rehearsing for a concert. I have enjoyed some of his music and caught scenes from a few videos before. It was obvious he was talented. In my opinion outrageously weird, but talented. The things I saw last night really brought out his talent in a way I hadn't seen before. He was as dedicated to the perfection of his music and movement as was humanly possible I think. It was fascinating. Still outrageously weird, but fascinating. I hope he finds peace now.

The riddle that will be announced in January, along with the additional clues are being polished and made ready. I think this year's treasure hunt will be exciting and fun. A little faster paced too.

So there we have it. Just a little rambling today because I became so disheartened by the loss of several postings that disappeared into nothing, just like that. Why waste time when you and I can't communicate anyway? ...................This is a test. Now we see if it publishes.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I wonder, Area 51

What with all the headlines recently I am led to wonder about some things:

Area 51 is touted to be so secret the people in there don't even know where they are. Does the government actually have the bodies of space aliens frozen in liquid hydrogen? Do they really shoot down anyone foolish enough to fly over in an airplane? If you work there do you ever get to go home, ever? I really don't know, its a secret you know.

This asteroid flying at us through space will be coming as close as 215,000 miles. Is it actually a disguised space ship? Or, is it a messenger from God to pick up some people because of the rapture. Is it a space drone spy ship sent from aliens looking for their relatives frozen in area 51?

What is the political affiliation of the women accusing Herman Cain? Why haven't they spoken up before? The old saying goes: Where there is smoke, there is fire. Will that be true this time?

Where is the actual Hawaiian birth certificate anyway? Not that I particularly care really but: Why was it kept secret in the first place if producing it would do away with the controversy?

Why are people who don't use illegal drugs, don't break any major laws, work hard, pay their bills and taxes, don't go to prison, take raising their kids seriously and possibly have a religious affiliation considered know-it-all do-gooders and other people take great pleasure in bringing them down?

Why don't we learn something about jumping to conclusions about new research? Coffee was bad, now its good. Mammograms were good, now they're bad, oops, now they're good. Aspirin is bad, Tylenol is good, oh wait, Tylenol is sorta good but sorta bad and aspirin we're not quite sure about. Stuff like that.

Why does my nose always itch or run when I am meeting a very important person for the first time? And, there is no tissue or handkerchief in sight?

I've heard on the radio that most all of our problems originate in Area 51. It's all an experiment. I wonder about that too.

Now that I have acknowledged Area 51 will my postings not disappear anymore?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Another computer glitch

Underneath this you will find the sole remaining evidence of a truly hilarious but cautionary posting that took almost 45 minutes to write. Then it all went up in smoke. The 5th time that's happened in 6 days. I've checked the blog hosting service and that is supposed to be in good working order. I checked with my Internet server and they are sure there is no problem on their end. So, The only reasonable explanation is.........................................Gremlins!

I am sorry that some of my most profound postings didn't make it to your screen. They may very well have been earth shattering.

I am continuing to check all the details concerning this atrocious failure to communicate. One tecki suggested the "PIC" theory. Dumb me, I have to look that up too. Frustrating as it is, I'll try again another time to astound you with my writing and intellectual prowess.

"Attention honorable beneficiary!"

That was the subject of and email I received from a country in Africa. I'm rich I tell you, rich!
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