Thursday, February 10, 2011

Riddle and clue ssolutions 30th year

The medallion was found on Fairview just East of Pine in Grandville.
The riddle


better place=grandville



not worry=not Pine





inspect=look in grandville



reclining hoe=Ivan rest

snake eye= highway-11 (28th street)


rare=Mill or Prairie

area-buck the trend up=around or near


Pretty good=fair



looking and longing=Fairview and Pine

Some folks had located the area in December, at least one was "very close" in November. There was much inspection around signs and posts with some around the fire hydrant. The medallion was attached with string, visible but bent deep into a crease on the bottom side of the fire hydrant. At some time in January the medallion became dislodged, dropped to the ground and moved slightly to the East of the hydrant under some snow. Over the course of time it was pushed a bit further but remained under snow cover. This in spite of or perhaps because people inspecting the hydrant.

The movement of the medallion did not take it out of play because it was still within 18 inches of the hydrant and accessible. The question remains as to exactly how it was dislodged from the hydrant without being noticed. My best guess is that it was moved by some type of animal. Tracks were all over the place as well as other signs. The stringthat held the medallion in place appeared to have been chewed and a 4 inch piece was missing altogether. There were indented scratch marks on the medallion itself in a pattern much like teeth marks. I sincirely believe that if one of the treasure hunters would have dislodged it they would not have bitten it and thrown it back down.

I congratulate all of those hardy people that braved the weather and came so close. Mike, the winner was out there almost every day for hours and hours. In the end much of his proific digging may have contributed to the movement of the medallion before eventually resorting to a more detailed observation technique and found it laying in snow he had moved the day before.

One last note to the couple in the red Chevrolet pickup that asked the guy walking down the sidewalk if anyone else had been looking around the street sign for the medallion. You may have noticed I never quite turned around in my parka when I answered. Phew! That was close.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Game winner 30th annual treasure hunt

I spoke too soon this morning. The medallion was found by Mike Chesebro and returned to me this morning February 8th 2011. This is his 7th year of intense searching and it finally paid off. He prevailed amongst thousands of hopeful treasure seakers. It was found on Fairview Street just East of Pine Street in the city of Grandville in a spot where hundreds of others had already been looking. Including some sort of animal.

More information will follow as soon as all the other arrangements are made...................Joe

The game goes on.

The amount of snow cover in this area right now is definitely having an affect on this years Silver Treasure Hunt. Every day people stop in with frozen fingers and toes asking if the medallion has been turned in. "No! It hasn't." At this place in time it sits in the frozen white stuff awaiting the hunter that is persistent enough to uncover it.

I remind you the medallion is oval shaped, made of aluminum, approximately 3in long, 2in wide and about an eighth inch thick. It has identifying marks. It could be bent or twisted into an odd shape but still very much identifiable.

I don't give hints to anyone! But, some methods are obvious. The bigger the shovel, the less chance of finding it. Be thorough, the medallion may have become covered by grass, leaves or snow or perhaps dislodged and moved, it is still in play. Of many that find the spot, there is only one medallion, one winner.

Thousands are looking. The treasure can be yours, if you persist. Even if someone was there before you............Good Luck!...................Joe

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super bowl is over

Super Bowl winners: Green Bay and their fans. Football is over until the end of summer. It was a fitting finish to an interesting year filled with goofs from the officials. They are not alone. The most notable issues were:

400 fans paid big money for legitimate seats but got to watch on TV screen outside the stadium.(it started with 1200 but it got whittled down to 400 eventually)

The jet fly over was virtually meaningless. That stadium has an enclosed roof you know. Nobody could see it.

Its happened before but the words of the national anthem got messed up again. A couple times. At least she didn't grab her crotch and spit like Rosanne Barr did a while back.

A good game but the contributing factor of the win was the amount of mistakes by the losing team. They were both great teams. The one making the least mistakes won.

All those high paid athletes and entertainers, after all is said and done are simply human just like me. However, their talents are incredible and priceless and I enjoyed the game, and the taco salad, and the cheese and crackers, and the peanut butter cookies, and the wrapped green onions, and the marshmallow cups and the deviled eggs.
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