Friday, December 26, 2014

Moving right along here.

Things have changed of late as far as responsibilities in regards to past commitments. I am left with a bit of open time to view and enjoy what others do. Something I've mostly been too busy to do. Each and every one of us has a unique quality that distinguishes us from anyone else. Sitting back a observing those qualities has brought a new sense of optimism towards the future. The news media, doing what brings to them wide eyed viewers by scaring the daylights out of us with tales of one disaster or crisis after another until we lock ourselves in and fear for our lives whenever we go outside. This past week has been quite the opposite in my opinion. The real people we associate with are most often just ordinary folks just like us simply getting through the day by doing what they feel is right. And, doing it without violence, crisis or disaster in their own way. Yeah, when all is said and done, ordinary folks accomplishing extraordinary things. Nice!
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