Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government shut down

It happened before, back in the 1990's, our government representatives got their hair in a bunch and refused to reach an agreement regarding the budget and other important stuff and allowed non-essential government functions to shut down. We survived! A government shut down sounds like scary stuff doesn't it? For anyone who hasn't lived through it before I can see how it appears to be total collapse. Perhaps, if it lasts long enough that may be the case. However, someone has to blink here. They did it before, they'll probably do it again. Meanwhile, as much as our instincts tell us to panic, I'm going to do my best to survive in the same way I did the last time. Just keep doing what I know best: And, remember all this when it comes to elections. That's about it. Oh yeah, and not plan any trips to a federal park or museum. I also write letters and send them to politicians. I do that a lot. The post office isn't funded by the government.
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