Thursday, October 14, 2010

Working on the treasure hunt

Yeah, I'm still around and kicking. I've been putting all of my time into the next treasure hunt starting on November 2nd 2010. I figure after 30 years I better be putting on my best effort to make it interesting for all who participate. The pressure is on and leaves precious little time for anything else. To my advantage the weather is cooperating and riding my bicycle has been downright pleasurable. The prize is stellar and quite memorable in my opinion, at least within my budgetary linitations. Of course most treasure hunters are only after the coveted, engraved, trophy mug and the sheer joy associated with using one's brain to it's full capacity.

Free time will be arriving soon and there will be regular postings as in the past. Please bear with me for a short while longer. The treasure awaits the winner..................Joe

Meanwhile you can click on Greg's website to find any breaking news concerning the free game: He does a good job on it.
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