Friday, August 13, 2010

Fall TV line-up "I think."

The fall line-up of new TV shows is starting to take shape. As viewers we are given little snippets to whet our appetites for exciting new entertainment. Reality shows head the list of popular viewing.Survivor will be back with at least two age brackets competing. From what I understand, age 30 and under in one competition and another group age 40 and older. My first thought was, "What about the group from age 30 to age 40?" I still have to look into that but maybe it's because people of that age haven't quite found themselves yet. Whenever I watch TV it's usually late at night or early in the morning and I'm more than half asleep but I think I may have heard about some other reality shows too. I think they may have gone something like this:

"America's most beloved politician" Hosted by Mrs. Pelosi.
Competition includes talent search for musical instruments, Staying awake during proceedings, how to deal with kickbacks, using government jets for travel, getting the most from office staff, manipulating facts and ability in denial with a straight face.

"America's Best Illegal Alien" Hosted by an various anonymous people. (To avoid prosecution)
Competition includes fence climbing, swimming, detection avoidance, camouflage, running in the dark and the grand finale', How to protest against unfair immigration laws.

"America's most frivolous lawsuit?" Hosted by various guest litigation attorneys.
Competition will be based on proficiency in crying, whining, limping, back grabbing, writhing in pain, deceit, outright lying and working for cash under the table to avoid detection.

Other shows were probably announced but I fell completely asleep. Sorry..............Joe
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