Saturday, January 7, 2012

Riddle stories

The new starting time for the Silver Treasure Hunt seems to be a hit so far. With the holidays behind us time is available to pursue the quest for the medallion in full earnest. From what I am hearing most of you are enjoying the game as it was intended. Even after less than a week since the riddle was divulged there are already several "Hot Spots". Individuals and groups sort of gather on specific ideas concerning the little metal piece's whereabouts. Streets, corners, and landmarks become popular and people can be seen milling around, trying not to be too obvious so as not to give away the prize to someone else. For most, secrecy is as much a part of the game as any other aspect. "Covert operation", makes for a bit more fun. Gleaning as much information from others without allowing them to glean anything from you. In the competition of a past game the story came to me concerning just that sort of thing. It seems that this one guy happened across a car filled to overflowing with a group of guys searching in earnest for the elusive game piece on a street corner. To him it was obvious the carload was involved in the treasure hunt so he stopped and attempted to chat and perhaps join forces to find it and share the treasure. The car load of guys wouldn't have any part of that idea at all, to the point of becoming somewhat obnoxious about it. They ended the conversation saying they were going one way and the other guy had better not follow or there would be consequences. The friendly guy, not really discouraged, after all it was only a game, went the other way. It took him only about five minutes to retrieve the medallion and he won.

Yet another year two guys were searching in separate areas so they could increase their efforts and hopefully find the medallion. They searched and searched for hours but to no avail. Nothing! Finally, as dinner time and darkness drew near they made contact by phone and decided to meet at a restaurant to decide where they would look next. One of the guys arrived first and had to wait for his buddy. He was a little tired and leaned against a telephone pole for support. He stepped on a stone as he leaned so he looked down for a smoother surface. As he looked by his feet he saw a silver flash from the nearby street light bouncing off something on the pole. Curious, he reached down to investigate and pulled the medallion from the crevice where it had been placed months before by that crafty riddler guy.

By the end of the game this year I am sure there will be more stories to be told about our exploits. I look forward to hearing them.
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