Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Great job opening

Excellent pay!
Paid holidays!
A staff of dozens to help you do your job!
Free transportation!
Weeks and weeks of paid vacation!
Huge retirement package!
Unlimited sick pay!
Take time off whenever-Paid!
100% paid health benefits!
Private office!
Too many more benefits to list here!

From where I sit, several of these high paying, cushy jobs will be opening up very soon.

We elected a president, senators and congressmen to take of our countries business and finances. Apparently, they can't do it. They have been aware of the upcoming deadline concerning our budget crisis like, forever. It is their job to work it out. Many of them still took a lot of time off during the last few months of negotiation. I guess they didn't think shutting down the government and destroying our countries credit standing was any big thing. I disagree! I believe the elected leaders have a responsibility to get the job done and get on with the next job of supporting the economic revitalization we need so badly at the moment due to the recession.

I am a citizen in good standing and have the right to vote. I can guarantee that I will not vote for any of our politicians that fail to do their job. I frankly don't care their party affiliation either. That's what I think about what's going on in Washington right now. That's why I think some of those cushy jobs will be open soon. Only hard workers need apply. Good luck!
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