Thursday, October 21, 2010

Free game rule clarification

30th annual Silver Treasure Riddle begins November 2nd. It's free!
The mail is increasing and beginning to overflow my mailbox concerning the upcoming Silver Treasure Riddle game. Most items are a request for the riddle when it comes out and a self addressed stamped envelope which have been the norm over the years to make sure they don't miss out on opening day. Some are requests for copies of past riddles. I'm sorry but time restraints do not allow me to provide them. However, the internet has loads of information including past riddles and their solutions when you put Wyomig Riddler in the subject box. One spot is Of course, there are always the familiar hopes for some sort of extra hint concerning the riddle. Including a suggestion that if I divulged the location she would split the treasure with me. Really? Why would I do that? I already have the treasure, if I wanted part of it, I'd keep it. I bought and paid cold hard cash for it just so someone could win. No hints! No extra clues! No unfair advantage for anyone! Period! That's in the rules. I will answer no question that results in advantage to anyone.

To be more specific: I can state a clue or the riddle as it is written. I cannot reword it or create another context for clarification. The idea of the treasure hunt in the first place (besides reminding us all of the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning) is to celebrate the wondrous cognitive and imaginative skills of our own special human brain. The winner needs no shortcuts. If a person thought it up; a person can figure it out.

To be continued...................Joe
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