Friday, June 18, 2010

The Pink Pill for women

The airwaves are filled with news about the long anticipated "Pink Pill" for use by the ladies. The purpose is to bring certain situations to a much more amorous conclusion than could otherwise be expected. It doesn't work! What do we do now? Millions of dollars were spent on hopes of restoring a drive that nature thought necessary to lower if not totally eliminate. Evidently there is a reason the scientists hadn't anticipated. It's not all about the ability like it is in men. The difficulty runs much deeper. It's got to do with: Feelings! Apparently the pink pill doesn't deal with that. Back to the old drawing board. Meanwhile we're stuck with the old tried and true methods that come to us down through the ages in song and tale.

A while back our favorite health and fitness guru, Jack La lane was on TV hawking his latest juicer and flexing his muscles to show how well the juice diet works. He actually looks great for someone half his age. The reporter was asking him lots of health related questions while Jack's wife stood by smiling. She is up there in years and looks very good too. A couple most of us would like to emulate I am sure. (Except it takes so much work to look that good and most of us aren't that energetic or motivated.) A comment was made that being two healthy people of advanced age do they still get intimate? Jack displayed that huge toothy smile, squared off his muscular body and said, "Look at my wife, do you see her complaining?" The reporter then turned to her and asked the same question, her answer was, "Sure we do, once every week Jack gives me a couple glasses of wine, that sets the mood and we just do what comes natural. We are very happy!"

There is a popular singer that touts the benefits of tequila in song. It's on juke boxes and Karaoke machines around the world. One of the lines in the song goes something like: "Tequila makes your clothes fall off." And, when it comes to bringing a woman to a rather more, shall we say, accepting mood, an old saying from ages ago says that: "Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker!"

Agree or disagree it kind of makes you wonder if that little pink pill should be augmented with a creamy filling of 151 rum. I wonder if the scientists working on this pill include women of the age they are targeting. Maybe they need more. Maybe they need to talk to good old Jack and his wife about it. Then again maybe most women like life just the way it is and would just as soon be doing something else. I'm sure more research will follow, Those scientists are pretty persistent when they work on messing with nature aren't they? I hope you enjoy the day. It's the time of year to be outside anyway.............................Joe
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