Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why do they do it?

Throughout history, some people have done extraordinary, unselfish things. Why did they do them? Some examples: David killed a giant with a stone. Moses led his people out of Egypt into the promised land. Jesus died for all mankind. Joan of Ark died trying to save France. Free people formed an underground railroad to save slaves. Hundreds of people risked their lives trying to save others from the Nazis. Gandhi put himself in harms way for India. Audey Murphy fought huge numbers of the enemy to save his fellow soldiers. Mother Theresa sacrificed much for those in need. Again, why do they do it?

We all reap the benefits of the actions of those selfless human beings. In many cases without even being aware of it. Our lives are safer and richer because of thankless, heroic deeds done every day, many of which are unknown to us. Few of those heroes receive any reward other than the knowledge they did it. For some reason they must feel that we are worth the effort.

I doubt that I will ever realize the true depth of their motivation, as hard as I try. The actual why of it is known only to them. We can only guess. Meanwhile, I try to act in a way that shows I appreciate what they've done, carry on their legacy of courage and pursue the good. That's my thought for the day. Hopefully, if the time comes I will act in a way that is deserving of what they've done.
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