Friday, January 7, 2011

Jobs and snow storms

We're finally getting snow around here. Hurrah! I know I am treading on thin ice here regarding the old axiom: "Be careful what you pray for." But at the same time, I continue to live in Michigan because I like the seasons, including but not limited to the snowy winter. Back when I was a kid it felt as though we received way more snow than the past few years. Streets were bordered by huge mounds of plowed snow covering even the sidewalks. It was a natural playground for us little guys. You could dig straight into the piles and they'd become a fort or an igloo in no time at all. The snow plows chugged up and down the side streets by attaching chains to their tires that dug deeply into the ice and snow. To my recollection there really wasn't much salt used to clear the roads as they do today. The trucks were filled with sand which they spread behind into the chain grooves as they plowed. It was cold, the snow was deep and cars got stuck regularly. That was solved when the neighbors would come out of their toasty homes with their coats, gloves and goulashes to push the unlucky soul out and on their way again. There was a lot of that. The tow trucks did a landmine business too I am sure but all in all w survived until spring came and it was time to go spearing for fish in the local creek. The change of seasons and the accompanying weather differences were a cause of celebration. When the weather stays the same for a long time most Michiganders like myself get bored. That's why I like the snow when it arrives and let there be no doubt that I also like it when it leaves.

The reason I mention this is that our economy is also seasonal and right now it is very much like the dead of winter. It is a difficult time for many of us and its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I've been here before too. As sure as Spring follows winter, the economy will rebound and there will be much cause to celebrate. The thing is, we have to make the best of where we are right now. The trials and tribulations of recession can make us stronger and wiser. Just like winter helps us become more aware of the opportunities that come with Spring. Relief will come quicker for some of us than it will for others. recently I spoke with a friend who hadn't had a permanent job for over two years. He has now been working for a company for three months and they just told him they want him to stick round for many years to come and gave him a raise and a promotion. He handled the snow, now his Springtime has arrived. There are a lot of stories like that and more are popping up every day. I think we need to remember that and keep the faith. But we really have to work at it sometimes..I wish you a good day................Joe

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wyoming Riddler Treasure Hunt Clue #2

Clue #2 of the 30th annual Wyoming Riddler Silver Treasure Hunt

"Going West of the reclining hoe and South of the snake eye line, you'll need to buck the trend up a smidgen. A rare area to be."

January is always a popular month for people yearning to break out of the holidays with gusto and excercise their minds. From the indications we have the amount of local treasure hunters almost doubles overnight following the New Year celebrations. The medallion has been found in January and the opportunity exists this year for that to happen also. As usual there are some hot spots where a lot of people are looking but no winners yet. Good luck!

Greg's web site The Grand Rapids Press and the Advance Newspapers are great places for background and updates.
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