Saturday, June 22, 2013

Joseph A. Cramer-Son of my father

Yup! I am my father's son all right. Most people don't know that during my mid-teen years my dad was dumber than a box of rocks. At least that was my opinion at the time. Eventually, he got smarter though and everything turned out OK. He had his sayings my dad did:
Quicker than two shakes of a lamb's tail.
Going to see a man about a horse.
It'll all work out in the end.
You know, stuff like that. I wasn't all that keen on hearing those sayings at the time. I'd give almost all I have to hear him say them now. He's been gone for 44 years. I loved that guy and didn't appreciate him for a while there. But his words still ring in my ears at the times I need them. He talked a lot and gave sage advice non-stop. Today it makes more sense than ever.

People die, he said. Learn to deal with it. Life is for the living. Help the people who are still alive.

The news you hear is geared to scare you. Don't get scared and if you do don't let anyone else know it.

Learn from the mistakes you make. Be grateful you made them while you are young. You've got your whole life to try to make it right. Expect and accept consequences you may not like so much. You earned them.

You can be anything you want to be. If you rely on other people to help you be what you want to be you are nothing.

Never, ever, give up on those you love. Love never stops but also remember, love is not always enough. With all he did, even God didn't save everyone. Some people go to hell. Stay away from them.

If someone makes you food, puke before you complain. It was a gift.

Some of these debatable advice modules were said tongue in cheek but every one had some wisdom anyway. What do you remember that your dad said that made sense only after you grew up.

I'm going to say a few more things about my dad. Get over it. It's my blog right?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Joe Cramer-More about a father

Being the son of a guy that would tackle just about anything was a real learning experience. I learned as much, if not more from his mistakes than from his successes. Early in his adult life he was a hard drinker. He managed to overcome that and became a responsible, caring and loving husband and father. One of his greatest achievements. He bought a semi tractor and car hauling trailer. Had just enough to buy them, he was going to insure them as soon as he hauled his first load of cars. There was a terrible accident on that first haul, we lost everything! One of his greatest mistakes ever. Scrimped and saved and worked several jobs on very little sleep for over six years living in a cramped apartment with my mom and us kids. Finally, finally, there was enough to buy a rather decrepit older house in the suburbs and start over. Flush toilet? Sure, as long as you had a pail of water. Stay warm in the winter? Sleep on the living room floor next to the space heater. Running water? Absolutely, just grab the pump handle in the kitchen sink and get it done. As a family we were so excited to be there none of these slight inconveniences mattered in any way. The whole idea was that we were a family and attacked any problem, under my dad's careful eye and my mom's calm encouragement and understanding. We were going to make this our castle. So very Cool!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Joe Cramer-Words from my father

Our dads were not carbon copies of each other were they? Yours said this and mine said that. They did give us stuff to think about though didn't they? I really like my friend's dads sometimes. They were smart and knew a lot more than my own dad. At least sometimes. But, then something would happen and I would realize just how smart my own dad was. He had some phrases that irritated me at the time but later sounded like good advice. You be the judge OK?

Ride your own bike!
If someone says you ride funny, get them to race you-on the course you choose. You'll be surprised how good you are.

Buy cheap, you'll get cheap. Don't complain and pay the price of being stupid.

If someone swears all the time and doesn't realize it, be careful of what you trust him with.

Men are made to protect women, whether they think they need protecting doesn't matter.

Don't pass gas and think it's funny. You are a better man if you feel embarrassed.

Don't waste your energy fighting a battle you can't win.

Lots of other stuff he said. Right or wrong he was there to say it. So very cool!
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