Friday, November 22, 2013


Well, I finally have a couple spots on Facebook. One for my shop: J&S Car Care Center, and the other for me personally. Mixed blessing those are. Social media has changed far beyond anything I could ever have dreamed of. Because of my time restraints, as I am sure others have also, viewing time is limited to a few short sessions from time to time. Knowledge of Facebook's working is gathered slowly, more by hit and miss than anything else. For the most part, Facebook is a way to stay in touch with whomever. Networking and advertising stand alongside political statements and religious views so a person has to learn fast how to pass over postings not of their liking and move on. It's also important to remember that anything written is viewable to most anyone, anywhere, at any time and cannot be taken back. In only the short time I've been involved I've seen postings that may have been written without keeping that fact in mind.

Over the past year, business and personal responsibilities have become much more intense and time consuming and I haven't been able to blog as much as I wish and now there is the Facebook thing. Choices, choices. What has my life become other than a journey between choices? Not complaining here, I welcome these opportunities and the richness they add to my existence. With Facebook my vision is expanded far beyond my physical surroundings. I find it very interesting the value of humor on social media. One minute a sense of tension can be felt when suddenly, the next minute someone pops up with a joke or humorous picture of an animal making a funny face with a caption putting you into fits of laughter. Five minutes of viewing a Facebook page can give you a moment or two with 20 other people. That's nice sometimes.
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