Thursday, March 17, 2016

Our new English language A matter of (dis)respect.

One of the nice things about blogging is that I get to go on about stuff and if you or anyone else doesn't like it, simply click and my ruminations are gone, kaput, off the screen. It is, of course, the same with any other part of social networking too. However, on such places as Face book and the like, the postings are sudden and take me by surprise. Occasionally it becomes unsettling, like the ridiculous bantering back and forth regarding political positions or candidates. I will not participate in that stuff. But then it comes to certain ways of verbal expression that has changed more and more of late, especially much to my surprise, among people of age. Apparently, class is no longer something to be desired. throughout my life there were certain words that belonged amongst a select group of acquaintances or on bathroom walls. More specifically, vulgarity. Yeah, I'm as guilty as many in telling of crude jokes or making a vulgar statement now and then but I've never been good at speaking vulgarity in groups, in front of women or children or generally in public at all.

)Wow! Sometimes I even surprise myself at how many words I use to make a point.)

Anyway, it appears certain rules of good taste, class or integrity no longer apply and those lines are blurred when posting on social sites. vulgarity is becoming more common by the day and seems to be accepted by parents and grandparents of their younger generations. I always believed that as a person of age it was my obligation to say when certain behaviour or speech was disturbing or inappropriate. Recently I have been told to mind my own business and to quit acting "holier than thou!" By the parent! The law against swearing in front of women and children was overturned in favor of free speech. Lately, I'm thinking certain free speech is disgusting.

Now I can understand why so many teachers complain about how disrespectful they are treated by parents.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Respect for senior wisdom

Oh my goodness! From what I read here, the last posting was on August 15th 2015 or there a bouts. It sure doesn't feel like that. However, what with all the happenngs I can certainly see where I lost track.

The second book in my annual series of children's stories "The Story of Klause And Gretchen" was edited, illustrated, completed, printed and put on sale between September and November. They are sold at Springrove Variety in Wyoming Michigan on 36th Street. Hundreds of copies were sold and the proceeds went to help Mary Free Bed Foundation., Santa Claus Girls, St. John Vianney Foundation and The American Cancer Society. Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy and helped so many deserving programs. Many more people also purchased copies of last years book: "All About Don." and those proceeds went to them too.

In October I received a complete knee replacement and aside for some inconvenience and discomfort it went very well indeed. Within 3 days of coming home I was off regular pain medication except for an occasion or three following physical therapy. I have taken not even an aspirin since 45 days following surgery. It is hard to imagine the pain of the previous 12 years is gone that quickly. Wonderful! I must say, my surgeon: Dr. Alosh of Spectrum Health and my physical therapist: Russ also of Spectrum were incredible in their skills and knowledge.

Which brings me to my subject of today. I just spent two hours interviewing a pair of applicants for a certain position of responsibility. The position requires insight and a sense of understanding of others on their level. Unfortunately, neither of them fits that criteria. In each interview I was bombarded with huge volumes of their knowledge and abilities of "making things happen!" for my business. They were not experienced in the services we offer but both assumed that there really was not much to know and they could master it in short order. I am a man of age, obviously and have been performig these services since the mid 1950's. It was explained to me that it was time that my (very successful) business should be brought to the next level with the emphasis on sales and up selling rather than the customer interviews we perform now. No where in either interview was I actually asked what my specific goals were. One of them put it this way: "You've spent a lifetime in the past. I'll bring this business into the future." Stated without ever asking me a question other than how much the position paid.

I may be thin skinned but I got the opinion that they figured I was too old and senile to know how to run my own business. Right or wrong with that assumption, I felt that I was seeing a major problem that I face more often than I like. Many young professionals do not have any respect for the wisdom that comes with age. But, maybe that's just me being who I am and remembering that I'd probably have been a lot less successful in business and in personal life if it had not been for those older folks sharing their wisdom with me.  I fully intend on returning to blogging a great deal more if you find my old guy words of interest.
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