Monday, January 27, 2014

Treasure hunting and the weather

Lots and lots of people stopping by and asking if the weather may possibly affect how easy it is to find the hidden medallion...............Yes!

The rules include a mention of how snow or grass or leaves may have to be moved to find the medallion. Part of the game. Some things just can't be controlled can they? Hundreds of brave souls are still looking though and that type of persistence is what wins the prize. If it was easy it wouldn't be as challenging would it?

The posting I put up with the clue apparently didn't stay published so here it is again. For further information go to or Greg's website He's doing a pretty good job of it.

"It is near a sign of change, somewhere South of 28th, in between Grandville and Kentwood. Question: Why? Exclamation: Oh! Vase: Ming. Everyone clear on that? OK?"

I would like to reinforce my rule that I will definitely not answer any question that may in any way give you advantage in the game. No exceptions!

Enjoy the game, remember the danger of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, especially at this time of year. Stay warm!
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