Monday, October 5, 2009

What's your happiness plan?

The winter months are almost upon us. Maybe it's time to freshen up on our happiness strategy. Most of us go through times when we don't feel quite on top of it all. It feels way easier to see the bad instead of the good, happy, uplifting side of life. According to credited psychologists: we have a choice in the matter. But, we need a plan. Here's a few ideas:

Handle worry, a big problem with being happy, by identifying negative thoughts, stop judgement, acknowledging and taking positive action.

List out what you are grateful about. Remove the bitterness and sadness.

Make an effort to be more forgiving of others and yourself. Holding onto grudges drags you down mentally and physically. don't dwell on the hurt.

Use prayer, meditation, controlled breathing, relaxation or quiet reading to quell negativity. Look on the positive in any given situation.

Don't depend on money to achieve or measure happiness. Happiness is a separate issue.

Increase social activity, develop and foster close friendships with those who really care about you to consul and support you during difficult times.

Do something good and meaningful instead of sitting and watching TV. Even and maybe especially when it is difficult.

By choosing these and other helpful ideas you are actually choosing to be happy.

Think it over, it's your choice. Don't worry! Be happy! I wish you a happy day..............Joe
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