Friday, February 17, 2012

Invitation to you to see the prize awarded

This year's winners, Steve Kreiner and his sister Julie Jacomel will be claiming their hard won prize on Saturday February 18th at 10:30 am at Russell& Ballards Jewelry showroom: 5715-Byron Center Ave. S.W. Wyoming Michigan just across the street from Metro Hospital. Anyone wishing to see and participate is welcome. Steve and Julie deserve a little congratulations don't you think? They will exchange the metal medallion at that time and be off with their reward to do what they please.

The coveted, priceless, engraved silver winner's Mug
A box overflowing with money
Two votive table candle lights
Three sparkling bracelets
Other stuff

They persevered where others did not and tracked down the medallion through good weather and bad. Veterans of the annual hunt for over 23 years they knew it was not an easy task and still they left the warmth and comfort of home to carry on their efforts. Hundreds and thousands of others competed against each other and I applaud them all. Each and every one has had the opportunity to learn more about the danger of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and had some fun and mental as well as physical challenges while being a part of this decades old community event.

Thank you to every one that makes this a worth while story...............Joe

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wyoming Riddler/Winner

And The winner's are?
A brother and sister team from Jenison Michigan,
Steve Kreiner and Julie Jacamel

Tuesday night they correctly deciphered the riddle and clues of the 31st Silver Treasure hunt

The coordinates being was 44th Street which is the 126th Infantry Memorial Drive at that particular point and was again 44th, Michael which is an archangel or (arch and jelly why or not) Milan which is 1760 yards and what? Illinois which is a bad sound and Infantry memorial so you remember them and that they walk. But the memorial drive is short. That's most of how they arrived at their destination. The medallion was on the telephone pole on the south side of the road at the entrance to the ball field parking lot. Steve and Julie retrieved it sometime last night. Up to that point scores of people had looked that area over but didn't quite locate it.

Congratulations Steve and Julie. The treasure located at Russell&Ballards Jewelry will be exchanged for the medallion sometime this week. I'll let you know as soon as I know for sure....Joe

Medallion disturbed

This morning I found that the metal medallion has been disturbed. To what degree I was not able to ascertain because of the popularity of the hiding spot at that particular time. I will keep you updated as to any further information.

When I visited Russell&Ballards Jewelry showroom on Byron Center Road last night to drop off the new clue I was again struck by the beauty of the treasure in the box and the feeling of fun connected with the riddle treasure hunt. I did find myself apologizing to a bunch of people this morning that left messages on my machine berating me for the clue not appearing in Tuesday's delivery of the Grand Rapids Press. I am sorry for that. I really have no control over the news media. Except for a few times they have over the years covered the treasure hunt faithfully as a public service. I appreciate all that they have done. The article yesterday by Matt VandeBunte on was very informative but those that depend on the news being delivered on the front porch missed out. The Press has changed and when change comes there are always losers. We will try to find some way to address that. Meanwhile, the sun will be rising in a new day soon and I am anxious to see what that day brings. I need to get some work done quickly just in case of some sort of surprise.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Free game clue #3

It took quite a while this morning to check and make sure the medallion is still awaiting discovery. So many people!

Clue #3
"As bad as the sound is, remember they are supposed to walk. But only a short distance here, back to what it was again."

The entire rules, the eiddle and all the clues are available in the Grand Rapids Press, and Greg will post it all soon on his sight

Find the oval metal medallion with distinctive markings and claim your valuable prize and the priceless winners mug. You will stand out amongst the 40,000 or so seekers from around the world. Kind of has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

Good luck!..................Joe
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