Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fiscal Cliff?

I am so very comforted by the knowledge that we have such fiscally responsible people in charge of our national financial situation. Some people are concerned and fear that on January 1st 2013 the national budget for the United States will expire and trillions of dollars in tax brakes will disappear and still more trillions of dollars in government entitlements will go away too. To those doubting Thomas's I can only say that our worst enemy is fear itself. To find assurance that all will be OK we need only look at our elected officials in charge. With only a short period of rest, those dedicated souls actually came back from election campaigns and the Thanksgiving break to settle the problem. We all know that this bickering that's going on is all a charade don't we? When we simply look at the gravity of the situation in such a delicate economy, common sense dictates that every resource the politicians have available to them is being used to end the deadlock. It's just common sense isn't it? I am comfortable with that knowledge, aren't you?

This evening I will have the honor of speaking to a class of university students about my experience with carbon monoxide poisoning. What a fantastic opportunity this is in my opinion. When I was affected by chronic carbon monoxide poisoning and experienced amnesia for two years it took a terrible toll on my family and myself, the consequences of which still linger today. It has been my goal to share that experience with as many people as possible and hopefully save them the aggravation and pain we went through. Through dozens of speaking engagements, one on one conversations, writing "Joe's Story", the media and the Internet, I believe I have accomplished my goal as well as can be expected. Every time I speak with younger people I feel that a seed has been planted to further that goal. Who knows where this opportunity will carry my mission.

Where is the snow? Will it all be coming at once? We must be careful what we ask for mustn't we?
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