Sunday, January 22, 2017

Political point, or maybe totally non-political

Regardless how you stand politically, Donald Trump is officially the President of the United States. Politicians on both sides are all about how in the world this guy who has never held a political position became president. Career politicians should take note: When we were growing up in my generation at least, our parents and teachers constantly reminded us that in this country of freedom, anyone could become president. The millions of American citizens that voted in the election proved that. And, maybe the reason the politicians are all shook up about it is that it can happen again and again now that voters realise their combined power. This just may be the death knell of the lifetime, secure political elite.

Women from around the country and from what I hear, around the world marched in protest against what they see is the constant suppression of women by a male dominated society or culture. They are standing up for something they believe. Good for them. In another view I would like to give this personal perspective. I feel that a march to thank those men who have fought for equal rights would be just as much in order. Much more is achieved by acknowledgement than by constant criticism in my opinion. When one gets all caught up in self pity in the name of self righteousness they lose sight of reality and the gains that have been made. It isn't all bad, not even very bad at all if you look at other countries. Not that I feel you should but maybe try on a Burka for a while to feel how other women view their opportunities. Don't forget to do as your folks said and say thank you.

Blogging may not be for everyone but it's a place where I can speak my mind. It's my blog, right? Enjoy your day.
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