Monday, April 24, 2017

How to speak to the police

In perusing the newspapers and various news reports regarding police questioning of suspects I've come across what I believe to be a disturbing trend in certain situations. : Challenging and irrational behavior by the suspects to the point of, in my opinion, completely immature idiocy. Particularly by younger people, both male and female. It's ridiculous actually.

The police, with very few exceptions are there to protect us from harm. Why would a rational, innocent being challenge that? Yes, there have been some instances highlighted by the media where some police officers acted irresponsibly but that is the exception, not the rule. And, actually, in many of those cases it was the suspect that brought the first punch, not all but many. I almost think it's time to have classes in school to teach common sense and respect for authority in tense situations. Showing those two skills when being stopped or questioned by police would go a long way in diffusing what could otherwise become an unnecessary altercation. Police have a job to do, keep the population safe. Why would anyone in their right mind want to hinder them from doing that and going on their way and finding the actual culprit? The longer a police officer has to argue with you, the longer the criminal has to escape.

Growing up I learned from my parents and teachers as well as other wise people that remaining calm and following proper rules of respect would get me a lot further than arguing. I was detained once by police thinking I was someone else. I did state that I was not that person and eventually they let me go on about my business. But, I have no doubt that if I yelled and screamed and put up a big fuss I could very well have wound up being arrested and being put in the poky for forcibly resisting arrest. That would have been one huge stupid mistake I'm thinking.

So, I'm just saying: If you are pulled over, detained and questioned by the police and you are indeed innocent, state your case in a reasonable fashion and shut up. Let them do their job and if they do make a mistake have some faith in our court system. But it starts with you!
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