Saturday, February 15, 2014

Treasure hunt and the weather

The winter weather this year is quite an issue when it comes to finding the medallion. Weather has played a part, either large or small in each and every one of the 33 games. Some years it was snow, some it was rain and some it was simply warm weather and grass and leaves. It's all part of the game itself. If it was easy, it wouldn't be such a popular game now would it?

I would like to reinforce one particular aspect or rule regarding this treasure hunt. In no way can I answer any question that in even the smallest way result in an advantage to anyone. That wouldn't be fair. I've held to that rule all these years and I am not about to reveal any extra information now. No hints! No acknowledgement of whether you are getting close! No acknowledgement of whether you are even in the right area in any way whatsoever. No anything other than what is already stated in the rules.

Because this is the last of the Annual Silver Treasure Riddle Hunts, and the fact that so many persistent people are out there every day digging and scraping and searching so thoroughly, I believe that the medallion will be found as it always has. I regularly check it's location and no one has found the medallion and brought it to me to claim this year's prize. It is still there for the taking. Do not be dismayed, bring it to me when you find it.

As promised, there will be another clue issued on Tuesday February 18th 2014. There is a warm up predicted for next week too. Good luck!.................Joe
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