Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dear President Obama

Dear Mr. President,
Being the president of the United States must be more difficult than most people could even comprehend. At least to my mind anyway. I could not begin to understand all the ramifications, and quite frankly why try at my age? However, one asset I do have to deal with life is a great deal of Common sense. I'd like to share that with you as honestly I'm not quite seeing where you are coming from in that regard. Knowing here that you are the president and I am only a lowly citizen trying to get by from day to day. I may be incorrect in my assumption here but I seriously question your ability to understand economics when you have not, to my knowledge ever worked for a living or been in the armed forces.

No! Everyone is definitely not playing by the same set of rules! Taking money from those that get up every day, goes to work providing for themselves and their families and giving it to those that don't do anything but eat, get their hair done, get tattoos, do drugs, have children they refuse to provide for on their own, sit around all day and do nothing but complain that the government isn't giving them enough, is not, in my opinion what I call the same rules. I call it, buying votes!

The economy is not "robust" or "recovered" while it is necessary for the government to consistently provide borrowed money it does not actually have to people and business to keep them afloat. Only when the economy can survive on its own will it be healthy, recovered, sustainable and robust. Some day the piper will come calling and that borrowed money will have to be paid. I believe you are not concerned about that because in a couple years you are history and those that follow will have to deal with your indiscretion. You probably are not concerned because you will be on a cushy pension anyway.

Affordable Care Act my foot! In the depths of a full recession, when the country is borrowing money faster than it can be printed, there is no such thing as "affordable" and giving "tax credits". Duh! Listen to the facts Mr. President! THERE IS NO MONEY TO DO THAT!!!!!! You cannot give away what you do not have. I feel that in this country there are far better ways of dealing with health care. Encouraging personal responsibility is job number one rather than constantly punishing hard work. Instead you have created a wedge between hard working people and those that simply complain and depend on the government for everything.

One sticking point that needs to be addressed that no one seems to stand up and say is that you constantly harp on all those "rich" people that suck up profits from large companies and use them for their own needs. I say this: That is simple economics Mr. President. Large and small companies provide jobs and financial futures for our hard working citizens. Take away those companies and we wind up with a nation of sit at home, mentally and physically weak,  non-skilled complainers. By the way, the minimum wage was never intended to provide a sustainable life support system. It was and still is meant to make it affordable for businesses to train inexperienced people or give purpose to the lives of otherwise unemployable people. Take that away and you take away the doorway to success for millions of people entering the work force. It may be difficult for you to understand but not everyone, including myself is college or higher education material. Contrary to what you preach, There is no shame in manual labor.

I guess I'm getting long winded here but I needed to let you know of my displeasure with your presidency. You say that the conservatives are hard headed and refuse to compromise. I say you should take a good look in the mirror when you want to play the non-compromise blame card.

By the way, as long as I'm handing out criticism: Hey conservatives in the Congress and Senate and the Judiciary: Grow some and start getting the job done that needs to be done. The president doesn't have the market cornered on pointing fingers. We're looking for competency any day now. Stop making unnecessary laws and start supporting our constitution. Forced payments is not in that constitution.
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