Monday, June 4, 2012

Keep on Bicycling

The trip around Lake Michigan continues, albeit very much slower than I had planned. Being flexible and altering expectations is key to ward off disappointment. On my fourth leg I rode into a steady headwind of 20mph, gusting up to 35mph. It seems that when I have time to ride the wind remains a constant. When I walked around the lake almost 50 years ago the wind was not much of a factor. As time goes on it is almost a certainty that the wind will either be coming from the side or my back. That will be a welcome relief. My lower legs and ankles are another issue. I can ride for 10 miles, even into the wind but when I stop standing without wobbling or falling down is a battle of will. I have to admit, if I was watching me walk I'd probably think I had been partaking a bit too much of the demon rum. I am determined though that whatever distance I can go on any given day, be it 2 miles or 100 miles, I will accept what it is. When I first decided to make this trip I planned to do it all at once. That is definitely not even a remote possibility due to time and other restraints. I was inspired by a lady that wrote a book about walking around the lake in short segments as her time allowed. If she could, so could I. I realized that it is either short segment trips or no trip at all. I'm good with that.

Met another cyclist named Gary. Originally from Indiana he fell in love with Michigan, it's cycling trails and just about everything else you can imagine. Interesting guy, works in food quality and testing. He was very encouraging regarding my rubbery legs even though he may have had a bit of a chuckle as I wobbled around in the parking lot at the end of my trip. One thing that got straightened out is the mileage. I've not gone quite as far as I had thought. The odometer I was using on the bike was set for another tire size and we got that adjusted so now it is very accurate. I believed I had gone 34 miles but in actuality it is 29. A little frustrating but then again something to be pleased with at the same time. My stamina and strength are improving with each mile. The next leg should bring me to the lake shore and then it's north to Grand Haven. I hope to do a little book promotion in each town if there is time. Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime is a good, fun, interesting and sometimes life changing book in the opinion of every review I've received.

That's it for right now. Today is decision day for several issues, should be enlightening to say the least.
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