Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Busy as a bee and a bit sad too

It's been a busy month for many of us, myself included. Graduations, birthdays, a baptism, two wedding anniversaries and a wedding to boot. At the beginning of the month I began collaboration with a young artist to illustrate a Christmas story I hope to have in print by November. Young artists are exciting to work with, they have so few obstacles. On the other hand, they really, really have a tough time staying focused on the task at hand. It'll get done but I must remain flexible as to the thought of a strict deadline. That simply ain't going to happen.

Two other events that took place were the passing of two friends. One was a man whom I believe was the epitome of a true gentleman. Worked hard, maintained an admirable moral code in business and personal life and still enjoyed life to the fullest. Sailing, campfires with his wife and friends, and traveling filled his time and brought many story worthy adventures. I will miss his spontaneous smile and wholesome hilarity. The other was a woman I've met with occasionally but known mostly through her family. She didn't have an easy life that woman. Without getting into details she raised six kids the best she could while protecting herself and them from extremely difficult life situations. Sometimes homeless, sleeping in parks and working long hours for sometimes less than minimum wage. She had the term, "getting by" down to a science. Making a mother bear seem rather tame really. At the end of her life, ridden with cancer and infection, weak, and wracked with pain her son and daughter in law worked tirelessly day and night to bring her what soothing comfort they could. Sacrificing their own, less than comfortable lives to do what they could. This lady passed away quietly surrounded by her family as peacefully as possible. It's finally time for her to get some rest, never to worry again. Leaving a legacy of love and strength for her children to carry them through in good times as well as bad.

As I've mentioned before here, I have, what I call my book of heroes. These two people have their names placed in my book so I don't forget just how good ordinary people really are so very strong, inspirational and special sometimes. I'll try to write more often. .................Joe..

Live laugh and love........You'll be glad you did.
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