Saturday, July 17, 2010

Publishers and Authors

Phew! Good things are happening with my publisher way faster than I can keep up with. I just sent off a letter to them asking for a slow down, easier to read information synopsis. Joe's Story has always been available in an easy to read, hard paper back version for $29.95. Huge amounts of copies have been sold over the past three years. Personal library quality, collector, hardcover copies have been surprisingly popular too. Now the publisher has made available a soft cover version for only $14.95 and also a paperback for only $9.95. I can't keep up with it all.

I have very much enjoyed working with my publisher. They have allowed me the flexibility I need in my busy, busy life. However, the part I find disconcerting right now during this exciting time of growth is that currently all the correspondence is carried out via email. My inbox has become saturated with emails from them. Through their policy of informative disclosure they have been sending emails at the rate of sometimes three or four times a day. Some are repetitive and some almost totally confusing. I. being the author must authorize their changes to our original agreement. I just sent off a request for clarification on what I have or have not authorized up to this point. The emails from them are computer generated, all encompassing and mass distributed to all the authors they represent, which numbers in the tens of thousands. I humbly requested a personal response. This is a very exciting time. My publisher is making some really innovative and progressive changes in order to keep up with demand and maintain availability. They don't take a hind seat to anyone it that category. But, every once in a while I believe an author needs a pat on the back and some inclusive interaction from those publishers.

There have been some pretty extenuating circumstances occurring over the past few years that were quite out of my control but requiring my help and demanding much of my attention. The promotion of Joe's Story and it's hard won lesson concerning CO poisoning was conducted in a lesser enthusiastic way than I would have otherwise preferred. That may be about to change. I feel it is important that my publisher and I go into that long anticipated and exciting phase in the same frame of thought.

I wish you a safe and wonderful day.........................Joe

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blogging comments in other languages

I have been participating in an intensive study program to improve some of my skills. It's been time consuming and exhausting but is winding down now so I can return to my usual writing regimen.

I am the first to admit that I am not the most educated person there ever was. But, I was not exposed to foreign language study to any great degree while in organized schooling either. Latin was interesting and is a foundation for many modern Romance languages today. I signed up for Latin in 9th grade because of along standing desire to become a priest and Latin was the language of the church at the time. As it turned out there are two distinctly different forms of Latin. Also, as it turned out, as a budding teenage boy my eyes turned from the priesthood to the perky cheerleaders. Be that as it may and a story for another day I am confused about an interesting turn of events lately. Many comments on my blog are in some form of Asian language. I have absolutely no background in this type of language other than I think I was cussed out in one once when a little old man bumped into me with a grocery cart. I've been told the Internet has sights where translations are instant. That's great! But by now most of you know that I am not in the least bit proficient in the intricacies of Internet use either. Although I appreciate any meaningful comments and find the perspective of other cultures often brings much color to otherwise bland subjects sometimes, it doesn't mean much when I can't read it now does it?

The indecipherable, to me anyway, comments are useless to me. I have no idea if they are nonsense or filled with wisdom, advertisements, snide, rude or humorous. I say this just in case anyone needs to know. I read and write in pretty much conventional English. I am always interested in meaningful comments but please make them in the language I can understand or send me to a site I can readily translate so we may communicate in a reasonable fashion. Thanks........................Joe
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