Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Health insurance/Affordable Care Act

Is every citizen of the United States required to participate in the Affordable Care Act health insurance options? RE: Government employees, politicians, Amish, etc. Is any faction of the citizenry exempt? Is there a legal path to exemption? Can one be a conscientious objector? Also, are illegal immigrants required to participate in some special illegal way? If so, is that actually legal? Is it legal to take a working person's money and give it to an able bodied/ non working person to provide something they otherwise could/should earn for themselves?  Just curious. Nothing is ever quite as advertised.

Is the national health care system prepared with resources and manpower to deal with a forced system? With the national debt rising daily, how will the treasury pay the health cost to an ever increasing non-tax paying population?

Not saying there is a problem here, I'm not that smart.
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