Monday, March 1, 2010

Hope springs eternal

Hope flows/springs eternal. I can't remember how old I was when I first heard that phrase. I do know I didn't understand the full meaning. As a kid what I hoped for was a pony, as a teenager it was a drivers license, as a new husband and father the ability to provide a home for my family, as a businessman keeping all my loyal employees working, as a man in a world of contradictions doing the right thing and as I age sometimes I hope for a day without pain. Hope covers a lot of territory doesn't it? Hope represents our dream of a better day no matter our personal opinion of what constitutes a better day. To keep hope alive sometimes we need the help of another. We want to be there when that happens. That's what these little comments about hope have been all about. As we wind it down and move on to other things I'd like to leave you with some ideas I read in Liguorian magazine.

"Lord, today, make my words strong when someone needs some strength, funny when someone needs a smile, careful when someone needs prudence, wise when someone needs wisdom, practical when someone needs to make a decision, and, Lord, help me to shut up and listen when someone needs someone to listen to them."

"May our presence always be a blessing when we walk into any room, even when we trip on the threshold as we make our grand entrance."

"May our sadness be overwhelmed by our gladness; and our gladness be so contagious that the mad and the sad become glad because they ran into us."

Thousands of people have viewed onto this blog about hope. We didn't reach a million but a million starts with 5000 first. We've done that. We can remember that when the days are dark. We can remember the hope that spread around the world because of us...................Joe
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