Friday, April 15, 2011

Blasted, confusing computers but here I am anyway

Will my trials and tribulations concerning my computers never end? Yeah, I know, most of my problems stem from my ignorance of these modern day electronic brain wonders. But, I really do try to learn enough to at least operate them with a modicum of comfort and ease. Most of the time I accomplish that. Not for the past few weeks though. I've been locked out of the realm of Internet communication by some sort of evil creature possessing my keyboards. Not just one of them but strangely enough, both of my laptops. One is driven by Windows Office and the other by Windows Vista, in different locations and separate manufacturers too. Goofy! The mouse worked but I could not type a single letter with either keyboard. Nothing at all! I followed a number of suggestions and cleaned the hard drives, ran a virus check, compressed files, got rid of petty, useless programs and browsing history. Punched the keys and zero, zip, Nada! Being a guy of relative Independence I'm not particularly fond of asking for directions. Nor am I given to requesting favors of any kind. Add to that the cost of computer experts and there I sat with a lifeless pair of electronic cacophony. The weeks went by and my patience grew thin. Frustration was setting in and pictures of computers flying across rooms and smashing into brick walls filled my dreams. My humorous outlook wasn't outlooking so much humor any more. Late last night I decided to seek professional help, both for my laptops and for my own sanity. I disconnected everything from each computer right down to removing the back up batteries, packed them carefully in boxes and resigned myself to failure to the point of actually bringing them to a repair shop. I woke up early this morning and thought that I should back up all my files before entrusting those computers to anyone else. I connected this one up, booted it up and lo and behold, the keyboard was working. I was surprised and fiddled with it for a while just to make sure it wasn't a fluke. As you can see it is still working. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but to test my luck just a little bit more I delicately hook everything up to my back up computer with the notoriously unpredictable Vista program and for crying out loud, that blasted thing works too. I don't recall any particularly different approach to my set up but whatever it was, it worked! Setting on my desk is a horseshoe puzzle. Two horseshoes connected by welded chains with a solid ring between them. The idea is to remove the ring by twisting the chained parts. I have removed the ring and put it back on a half dozen times. However, I have no idea how I did it. I have succeeded in fixing my computers, but in keeping with my puzzle prowess philosophy, I have no idea how I did it. Have a good day. Don't try to figure out how you do it. Just enjoy it...........................Joe
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