Saturday, October 20, 2012

Home again!

"Be kind to your enemies: It messes with their heads!"

Well, alrighty then! What's been going on in the world in the past few weeks? Whatever it is certainly has taken me so far off the beaten track I haven't had time to be here. I hope to change that. At any rate I'm here now and just put the fingers to the keyboard and we'll discover stuff together OK?

The bicycle trip around Lake Michigan is on hold for the moment. Frankfort was my last stop. It'll all happen in good time but not just now. Geez! I certainly live in a beautiful state.

A fellow from England, Dave Mitchell sent me a few encouraging words regarding my book: Joe's Story. He says he found it amazing and heart warming. He also found it very informative and enlightening on the issue of carbon monoxide poisoning. He has a friend that contracted CO poisoning and had to be treated in a hyperbolic oxygen chamber but is doing fine now. Dave it seems owns Scarthin Books somewhere near London overlooking a scenic river. They have a site on the web.

I've been very excited since receiving the news that Joe's Story has been chosen as a text book for a course at Grand Valley University. Adding to that was the honor of speaking with the students of that course this past Wednesday for several hours. After speaking there was a question and answer period. I was pleased to find how knowledgeable and serious those students were about the book, the story and life, choices and consequences. I hope to speak with them again in the near future regarding a more intense discussion of carbon monoxide.

Planning is not my strong suit. I have a friend that plans her day by the hour and maybe even minutes. She is happy and gets all kinds of stuff done that would be impossible for me to fit into a day. I really admire that. I don't even have a calendar I can write things on let alone an hour by hour appointment book. I've tried it ands it lasted for about an hour or so before my cluttered life got in the way and I didn't have time to write any more. Planning is a learned skill. I guess I'll have to plan enough time to learn that skill......................One of these days.

I had an Internet service provider for 13 years. Kind of a neat, albeit slow wireless unit that plugged into the computer. It really got slow the past year. The service, Altel was purchased several years ago by Verizon and they are discontinuing the service in the next month. I've known about it for over a year now and procrastinated on going in and transferring to Verizon. I feared the higher cost of 4G. I live on a budget and wasn't looking forward to giving up something else to get Internet service. An unfounded fear it turned out. After all was said and done, the new service is faster, much more flexible, far less restricting and last of all..............Cheaper than the older, slower service. Yea!

The political robo calls have me almost convinced to get caller ID. The political emails are a bit much too. Lets not us get involved in political stuff OK?

Go Tigers!........................SeeYaLaterGator!

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