Monday, June 25, 2012

More progress even.

I am so very pleased that over this past weekend I was able to ride an even greater distance than in the past. Of course, I also may not travel that distance any time soon. I'm pooped! On Saturday I departed from the North end of Grand Haven on US31 going North. Through Spring Lake, Fruitport and Norton Shores. Tree lined roads were the norm but not until after I left Spring Lake. Holy Cow! Some streets are definately not intended to be bicycle friendly. Moving onto Shoreline Drive the roads widened and became a whole lot less unnerving as the vehicles had plenty of room because of the wide shoulders I was riding on. I didn't hit the beeches until Pioneer Park and then I just took a short spin to the water and back. There were way too many people for my liking. I love people but I also was on a higher mileage mission and talking to much would be my downfall. Taking a few pictures along the way so as to help record and preserve the memory, I traveled on. After a well deserved rest saturday night I went back to Grand Haven Sunday morning and stopped at a store called "Bookman" A nice little book store tucked into a small part of downtown right next to a busy restaurant on Washington Street. I dropped off a copy of "Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime" They are going to look it over and may begin to take orders for it or maybe stock it if need be. Nice folks there at "Bookman" On Sunday the road took me to the Muskegon beeches and what a delight they were. Clean, accessable and relatively uncrowded. An excellent place to spend a day by the lake. I had forgotten just how beautiful it was there. After the beech I found a north bound road and went without rest or hesitation straight through Muskegon itself. There are plenty enough attractions in Muskegon to appeal to almost anyone. Especially some of the old, restored lumber baron and other rich folks homes. But speed through town I did and on to North Muskegon and past the electric generating plant and beyond. This weekend the wind was not pushing me back two feet for every three feet I went forward. The air was cooler and the clouds and light showers brought some relief from the sun on occasion. The next time I passed near the water was at Duck Lake and it was a joy to see the families with their young kids frolicing in the shallow water as I road by the Lake Michigan shoreline. The sound of laughter stayed in my head for many miles afterward. After what seemed a long solitary ride I came to the road leading into Whitehall. Once again the roads were packed with tourists as well as local people. I rode down the winding hill leading to the city park on the shore of the river there and the feeling I had when I sighted my support vehicle ready to take me home was one of complete and exhausted relief. I enjoyed the ride, saw many things, went a long way into God's country and satisfied my curiosity as to how far I could go if I set my mind to it but it was indeed time to go home for this week. Nap time!!!!!!!!!! So far, so good! Til, next time.......Joe
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