Monday, August 10, 2015

Income equality

Over and over again I continue to read about politicians pandering to those folks who live on tax dollars from the public coffers. "Millionaires live off the backs of the working person and this has got to stop!" Sounds a lot like what I've read in the Communist manifesto. Whatever anyone else may believe, my folks professed a method of how those in my family could overcome "Income inequality" Albeit not so easy as accepting a life of dependency on the tax dollars of our neighbors, it is our way.

For the men:
Don't become a sperm donor and saddle yourself with a boat load of child support.
For the women:
Don't become a baby machine with an apartment full of children from several sperm donors.
For everyone:
Get a job,
get two jobs,
whatever it takes to earn enough money to survive.
Live frugally
Get whatever education you can afford without being overwhelmed by student loan debt
Save whatever money you can and let it build and earn interest.
Strive every day to improve your lot in life without placing the blame on anyone else.
Remember that life is not fair, learn to deal with it with a sense of humor.
Support your own family the best you can.
Learn to accept those things that you and only you can provide for your family.
It is a choice to be happy or to be angry, Choose happy as often as you can.
Thank God every day for the opportunity of another day.

That's about it. Other folks have other ideas and that is their privilege. But Its worked for me so far.I had good folks.
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