Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book publishing, expect the unexpected

Joe's Story:The Book of a Lifetime has been in publication for almost 3 years now. It has been sold, shipped and read in every state and several other countries around the world. It's been quite a learning experience for me. I had no idea what to expect when, after 13 years of writing I held the first copy in my hands. Of course there were visions of huge royalty checks but that was only a dream for the most part. The primary purpose of writing Joe's Story in the first place was a hope of saving other people from the devastation that was brought upon my family and I as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning and the amnesia that followed. Being a published author opened up several venues for me and I had the opportunity to speak of carbon monoxide and it's ever present dangers in front of thousands of people. What an honor that has been. I learned another thing on Monday this week. Once a book is published and in print, expect the unexpected.

Monday morning, as I performed my usual ritual of formulating a plan of action for the week and determining my priorities the front door of my office opened and a pleasant looking couple came in. After a few words of greeting from me the man introduced himself and his wife, explained they were in Michigan from their home state of Tennessee and asked for a few minutes of my time. The story went like this: They had happened across the book, "Joe's Story" while they had been visiting in Florida on vacation. Their neighbor at the campground was an avid reader as is his wife and they struck up a conversation about exciting new books. "Joe's Story" was mentioned and when they got back home they ordered a copy from After reading it and recognizing some health problems they were experiencing they decided to get a blood test for CO poisoning. The test showed elevated levels of CO, they had their furnace and hot water heater checked and found the water heater defective, the doctor said it may have saved their lives. They had come to say thanks and have me sign their copy of "Joe's Story." I was humbled and thankful to hear that they were going to be alright.

So, that's what I mean by, expect the unexpected. Once a book is in print it's always there.........Joe

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fremont Nebraska and illegal immigration

Fremont Nebraska has a new law regarding illegal immigrants. Big news! Arizona has a new law regarding illegal immigrants. It's getting to be a little less of a big story. Everyone is getting used to hearing it aren't they? Most of the news stories center on the hardships those laws are causing to immigrants in general. But, the root cause of these laws is being dismissed as inconsequential and trivial. I wonder why that is? Laws are designed to protect us from eminent danger of something aren't they? Robbery, reckless driving, injury or murder, property rights, stuff like that. I think we all agree that we need to be protected from danger by our laws. It sounds like the protesters against these stiff illegal immigration laws don't see any danger in illegal immigration. I guess their question is: Does illegal immigration actually pose a danger to our safety and way of life? Let's see.

In the black and white words of the law: Anyone, if not regulated good or bad can sneak across the border. Anyone, if not regulated can sneak across the border with illegal drugs. Anyone sneaking across the border into this country unregulated is breaking the law. Therefore they are a criminal. The federal law is very explicit in that. There are just so many people our country and it's already strained welfare and health system can support. If someone uses any of our social benefits illegally they are taking them away from our legal citizens. In other words, our citizens are having their way of life altered and deteriorated by 11 million illegal immigrants. Our benefits are being stolen from us illegally. Our lives and safety are being jeopardized by drugs and gangs and criminals who are here illegally.

Are all illegal immigrants bad people, criminals, robbers, murderers, or drug dealers? No, some of them are very likable! However, they are all illegal. If they got here by breaking a huge federal law with no consequences what is there to encourage them to honor any other law, big or small? We are a nation of laws. Take them away and we cease being a nation at all. I wonder if Will Smith will star in a movie that shows us how to solve the problem?........Joe

Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup and the Vuvuzela

The vuvuzela is an instrument of God. That agonizingly noisy horn that is constantly being blown at the World Cup soccer matches is a reminder of the sacrifices, trials and tribulations of the African people over the centuries. According to Tinyko Maluleke speaking at an international ecumenical meeting. I'm glad I found out about that. The constant bleating has certainly lowered my enjoyment of the games as well as my ability to understand what is being said by the moderators. To the point of interfering with the game itself. Actually the disturbing noise has caused me to totally withdraw from watching the soccer matches whatsoever. I mean no disrespect to the horn blowers and the statement they need to make to the rest of the world. If that's what they need to do then I respect their right to do that in their country. However, I as a visitor in hopes of true enjoyment of competition between the best of the best choose to not submit myself to the never ending barrage of annoyance and take advantage of my channel changing expertise and move on to some other type of entertainment. Baseball, Nascar, Dragracing, and the food channel come to mind.

Bearing in mind that I completely respect a person's right to demonstrate against oppression, I fail to see the oppressive nature of being allowed to host an international event of such far reaching proportions. That's not my idea of a welcoming attitude. If I invite someone to my house I bend over backwards to show them that I appreciate their company. If they would be spending money for which I would receive a benefit I would darn well put my best foot forward in order to reap the harvest and expect them to return again wouldn't you? I particularly would avoid annoying my visitors every moment of the day and night.

I am not a world traveler. I will not, in this life be visiting South Africa in person. It matters not to me when, how, or where they blow their own horns. It's no skin off my nose. But, thanks to the miracle of television I am put in the position of learning more about that country. Thanks to the vuvuzela I will not be learning as much as I'd hoped to and I'll be turning my TV back to the good old reliable golf channel. Thank you very much. I guess this will be one more world cup I'll be reading about instead of watching............................Joe
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