Sunday, May 8, 2011

Silly things in life

First of all and very seriously:
Happy Mother's Day to the ladies that gave us their heart and showed us the meaning of love in the most wonderful way it was intended.


With a little tongue in cheek here a list of some silly things of late:

I found the most powerful guy in the United States the conspiracy theorists were talking about. His name is Bill and he sets down the rules that we live by. So much for that conspiracy theory.

A huge question here too. Our President, in revealing his official birth certificate said something like, it's time to put the silliness behind us for those demanding to see it. Was it not pretty silly to keep that certificate hidden for over two years in the first place?

The response by the government officials in Pakistan concerning the taking down of the terrorist responsible for 9/11. They were doing their best to track him down and we shouldn't have gone in like that. He lived there for years, right under their noses, I guess their best was rather inadequate.

Donald Trump, an outspoken multi-millionaire, funded in part by strategic bankruptcies, totally out of control with his language around anyone and a shock entertainer, running for president. Seems anyone taking him seriously, supporting or voting for him has blinders on.

At a time of ever decreasing employment in manufacturing, exports and take home pay in the United States, absolutely no research is being done on development of less expensive people's cars such as in China, India, Pakistan and some other developing countries. Another thing, what's wrong with manual labor? Why does everyone aspire their children to not do any of it like it was some sort of plague or something. Unless of course it's connected to a sport of some kind.

Children are being exploited, deprived of normal childhoods and incredibly overworked in the name of sports or entertainment. Yet, any child that accomplishes a small task evenly remotely related to work is considered a child laborer and the ones that paid them are monsters.

With all the resources the government has, just why they haven't solved the airport groping/xray exam situation yet escapes me.

When any government funds are reduced it is always the police, firemen and maintenance workers that are pink slipped. Why not the office workers or management staff first?

In our school system the amount of money spent on education is incredible. Why have I never seen a full accounting of where it goes? I am reminded of this overweight person that was so heavy he was stuck to his chair for over two years, people just kept bringing him food and he just got heavier and heavier until the fire department was called to extract him and remove the chair from him. He, of course constantly complained about the whole thing because he thought there was nothing wrong with him.

Some churches bear no resemblance to any type of faith system that I've ever heard of. It almost seems that anyone, anywhere, anytime can jump up and shout about anything and call it a religion. There are no criteria any more. Nothing is sacred!

Allergies are a serious matter. Some can be lethal. However, so very many people are crying wolf and claiming allergies to things from gluten to perfumes to water in an obvious effort to control other people.

If a child is being bullied they are told to run and tell a parent, teacher or other adult. If they retaliate and protect themselves they are ostracized and punished. From a very early age our children are being taught that they cannot protect themselves. Is that the way it is?

The human aspect is being removed from almost anything for the sake of money. Customer service is a prime example. Convenience and consideration are out the window to protect the money for the investors. We probably brought this on ourselves but it's still silly just how poor we do business these days.

Charity is a virtue. I believe in supporting worthy charities and helping those of us who are having difficulty. I do find it interesting just how much money many of those people who are in charge of some of those charities are making. Sometimes huge sums of money are going into someones pocket instead of helping someone in need. I knew a guy that made charity calls to raise money. He made a phone call, someone donated $100 to his charity, he received $45 commission, the company he worked for received $45 for their trouble, the people that ran the charity received $5 for managerial fees and the needy received a whopping $5. Sometimes I wonder if government politicians and employees think of them selves as charity organizations.

So, in my opinion there are a lot of silly things happening every day. We need to keep our eyes and ears open to be aware, stay clear and avoid such things. At least I do.
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