Saturday, August 24, 2013

The dark side of the moon

Movies are readily available without leaving one's living room via cable, Internet DVD or even the old video cassette. New offerings are moving to most media faster than ever too. I haven't been in a movie theater in many years. That's fine with me, the popcorn and candy are way too expensive and sometimes the crowds are more than I care to handle. I do miss the big screen though, some movies just aren't the same on a TV screen. But my thoughts are directed more at content than size or appearance for now.

The movies I watched in my younger days were rather simplistic and immature by most of today's standards I've been told. Predictable plots, too mushy, mushy, too bland, not enough truth regarding reality of human nature, not enough sex, not enough back stabbing, too many bad guys getting caught by too many goody, goody, all too perfect cops. Catering too much to the good side of people makes movies too wishy, washy. Today, and for decades now, movies tend to cater to any and all perverse, mean, just plain deplorable side any human being ever possessed. All this disgusting stuff is touted to be for our own good because we need to face the truth about ourselves according to the know-it-alls in charge of Hollywood or wherever movies are made today. Granted, many movies are fast paced, visually stimulating, and otherwise entertaining, but so often, even in PG and PG13 rated offerings, we are caught off guard by totally unnecessary and deplorable crude language, sexual situations and abnormal behavior, just for the sake of "entertainment". And we are told, this behavior is what people are really like and enjoy. Regular movie goers are being told what they are like, pandering if you will to our dark side. I guess I am hard pressed to describe this any better. I guess also that it is working. As the degree of moral corruption in movies becomes the norm, the degree of moral corruption in overall society follows suit. Bad is better. Lies are accepted as truth for the sake of cinematic "purity" and entertainment license sees no boundaries. My question is then: Why is it that so many G and PG rated movies receive a larger audience?

I just read a review of the truthfulness of a new movie, "The Butler", supposed to familiarize us with the plight of the butler who served so many presidents in the white house. I guess it was way to boring to tell a true story. According to the article, the greater part of it is fabrication. That's too bad, I thought it would be great to learn about someone so successful in spite of the social hurdles. Now I find it may be a good story but that's all. I think I'll just read the book. I don't need another story shoving some producer's agenda down my throat.

I kind of like seeing the better side of us human folks and our fight to do what's right. That helps me be a better person.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Personal appearance is a challange sometimes

Sometimes I wonder about my powers of observation when it comes to myself and my appearance. All my life has been spent in an occupation which requires me to help other people with how their vehicle looks. It's all about appearance. This means that I have to see any defect, soil, scratch, stain or hair out of place. If I do my job, the customer will be happy. Frankly, I am very good at what I do and some people come from as far away as Tennessee and Florida to have me work on their rides. That's all well and good but when it comes to seeing any of those things in my physical appearance, it seems I simply don't have an eye for it. Picky as I am, I just can't get it all together sometimes.

Walking out of church last Sunday, a fellow church goer asked me if I knew that there was part of a candy bar stuck to the seat end of my pants. How embarrassing! I went to the grocery store on the Saturday before and the cashier at the front counter caught my attention to tell me that they couldn't allow me in the store without a shirt on. I had been gardening, enjoying the sunshine, thought of something I needed and forgot all about putting on a shirt. How embarrassing!

Standing in line at the gas station on Monday afternoon a guy behind me touched my shoulder to catch my attention and whispered my underwear was pulled up over my shirt in the rear. How Embarrassing! Here I sit, as I am typing this after just noticing I had two different types of socks on. At least they are the same color. How embarrassing!

I'm thinking I need me a personal assistant. Lay out my clothes, make sure they match, (I've been known to mix stripes and plaids, yellows and reds) Make sure they are clean, and make sure the elastic is tucked in. I'm so busy thinking about everyone else I can't see my own self. How embarrassing!
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