Saturday, November 8, 2014

Publishing Children's books moving along

Well, it's been quite a ride for the past couple months with the printing of "All About Don". We're into the second printing now due to a better than expected market for the new story book. I can tell you, That is a real treat! Self publishing has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is complete control of every facet of editing, format, composition, printing and marketing. Some disadvantages include initial costs, marketing, distribution and no assistance with anything. While working full time as owner of a 55 year old business with several employees, time and opportunity become real issues. With "All About Don" most of its all come together rather nicely and the first check to a chosen charity will be sent out right after Thanksgiving. A huge "Thank You!" To everyone who sent out the message to friends and relatives that the book was available. With the first printing completely sold and half the second printing ordered in advance it is going famously. Pretty good for a relatively unknown writer. Now, the work continues on putting all of my children's stories together into one larger book which includes a variety of parenting ideas and tid bits, silly rhymes and kids interactive activities. I'm thinking it's going to take a while but thankfully my business is going into its slow season and I will have some extra time on my hands for almost a full month to commit to this writing task. That's the plan anyway. I've had plans before so I'm looking at this realistically. The stories are already written but are in need of proof reading and editing as well as illustrating. So far, so good. We're going for the gusto with this one. Have a good day!
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