Friday, May 13, 2016

Advancement of the Human species?

At least we still retain the right of free speech here in the United States. Mostly anyway. However, as far as I am concerned, adults who are supposed to serve and protect our constitution and keep us safe have gone so far off the scale it is ridiculous. And, on top of that, other adults are allowing them to make ridiculous laws without questioning their authority to do so. To the point of blurring the gender issue from natural law to nothing more than "feelings". It is just plain silly, but even more than that it is dangerous and verges upon pandering to perversion and predatory behavior toward impressionable children. Tell me the protection of our safety in that one.

Without passing judgement on good people of any religion or culture I ask this question: Do you wonder at all the blossoming popularity of the Muslim religion? Sharia Law is in the news a lot isn't it? It scares a lot of people but at the same time there are untold numbers of converts on a regular basis. Why is that? Would it be that all those converts are sick and tired of the "anything goes" culture developing so rapidly in Europe and the United States? Who is it that is standing up to the unceasing slaughter of our way of life? If you don't want to sit side by side with a person of the opposite sex in a bathroom, you are designated a "Hater" instead of a moral or modest person. You are not supposed to "feel" awkward or violated while at the same time, the person violating your space is allowed to "feel" whatever they consider at that time. The proof of burden is on your shoulders to protect yourself from any pervert that comes along under the guise of "feelings" because the government said they could.

It appears that the eventual acceptance of adult/child love relationships is on the horizon. Why? Because that is how some folks "feel" things should be. Watch your kids! Apparently the government doesn't give a crap about their well being.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Loss of a long time mentor

I received a long distance phone call yesterday from the wife of a friend, he has passed away. The pancreatic cancer took him quickly. I felt her loss and sadness across the miles. They were quite the loving couple, a real pleasure to be around and inspiring in so many ways. When love between a man and woman is so pure and simple the pain runs deeper but the memories of the time they had together will be the salve towards healing.

My personal feelings are sadness and loss. However, his strength of conviction regarding moral integrity, loyalty, honesty, you know, the things we all wrestle with from time to time will never leave me. As a man I've looked to my mentors and heroes like my dad, uncles, brother and friends to be an anchor when the world seems to be turning upside down and against me. wise men like my friend Ralph, in their conviction allowed me to see myself through their eyes and if they believed in me, I trusted them enough to believe in myself in spite of ignorant criticism.

It is my habit to make sure that those friends whom I admire hear me say just how much I appreciate their wisdom and tutelage. By holding true, they help make the world a better place.
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