Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reading the bible

Reading the bible, cover to cover is a rather interesting undertaking. It's not just one book like 50 shades of Gray. Although some of the circumstances in the stories are rather explicit too. From the very beginning it becomes obvious, to me at least that some of it is meant to impart knowledge instead of specific historical fact. Nor, really was it meant to be read all in one fell swoop. It took me a few months to do it but that's just what I did. How much do I remember more than I did before? Probably not much. In an athletic analogy it was more like running a race than a walk through a park. Concentrating on getting the job done rather than savoring each sentence. I'm happy I did it. The benefit will play out over time I'm sure. But, I have another comment regarding one of the books in the bible, The Book of Revelations to be exact. Now that book is a real piece of work. I mean no disrespect whatsoever as my faith is sound in the truth set forth in the sacred texts of the bible. However, from the aspect of simply reading without benefit of meditation on the true meanings, The Book of Revelations is really far out there as far as understanding.

From angels to devils, swords, numerous heads and fire and truly mind bending visions it is most difficult to maintain focus in realistic way. The next time I read it I will be spending the time necessary in search of "revelation." This is definitely not a bed time story for kids or the weak of heart. The message of hope in spite of ourselves carried throughout the entire bible, to the beginner at least is well hidden in this final book. Yeah, my intent was well meaning but the quest of knowledge and truth was lost in the marathon approach. Still, time well spent compared to some other offerings on the best seller list. To be honest, no matter how I did it, by reading the entire bible, sometime, somehow, somewhere, I will see something I've never seen before. That's the way it works I think. Even if, at first glance to me at the time, it seems like the last book was written by a guy on a trip.
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