Friday, April 7, 2017

President Trump's air strike in Syria

Yesterday, President Donald Trump ordered an air strike on an airfield in Syria that was responsible for an chemical weapon attack on innocent Syrian civilians. The words go back and forth on whether American citizens agree or disagree with his decision. In my opinion, what is more important is whether the air attack on innocent civilians, including women and children should be allowed to happen without consequences. Anyone who questions the justification should look at the dead children being carried by their father after the attack. If they still remain unmoved and saddened to the point of emotional illness, I feel they have no heart or common sense. Turning the other cheek does not include the totally inhumane killing of innocent lives in such a terrible manner or actually any way at all.

Personally I hate war. However, avoiding it by justifying such atrocities as murder by chemical weapons or any other means is being an accessory after the fact and just as horrible. Regardless of anything else I may think, I support President Trump's decision. I put our consequences in the hands of God.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

That abrasive friend

I know you have one too, don't deny it unless it is you who are that abrasive friend who simply cannot accept when we both believe the same thing.

Having a conversation or rather a discussion with my abrasive friend is occasionally similar to walking barefoot over broken glass. When it comes to just about any topic he is quick to argue. Not listening to my side or entertaining the possibility that I may be even remotely correct. I'm not saying that abrasive friend is not knowledgable, quite the contrary. However, knowledge alone doesn't hold a good discussion.together. A modicum of common sense has to accompany the knowledge. A discussion is a living thing which can be fed positively or squelcehd by negativity.

For whatever reason, my dear, intelligent and very abrasive friend, in discussions in which we agree, will berate my me for believing in our mutually agreed topic because...............wait for it....................I do not believe for the same reason as my friend.............It's akin to both going to the store but I am wrong because I took a different path.            Why does that one abrasive friend punish me so for choosing to remain their friend? A question to remain unanswered forever. Some of us are simply that way and some of us find some redeeming quality of theirs to enjoy their company anyway.
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