Thursday, March 23, 2017

The United States and how it works

Seeing the news reports from a variety of sources to keep the bias even is what I believe to be one of the greatest benefits in living in these United States. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing when it is not suppressed by non-believers.

It is no secret that millions of people are not very pleased by the result of our recent presidential election. Think what they may about that, Donald Trump is now president. Where our constitutional form odf government and the division of power comes in seems to be lost in the minds of those unhappy souls. Personally, I find all this hullabaloo to be a perfect example of how it works. I believe in it. I've seen it work, for better or for worse over the course of my lifetime. We do not have a royal family with Kings, queens and princes ad princesses who run the country unfettered. Our form of government has built in checks and balances when everyone is doing their job. Of the people, for the people. Not everyone is going to be happy all the time are they now?

What is particularly refreshing right now is that the lifelong political elite on all sides of the political scale, cannot get their own way. They are bellyaching like a bunch of spoiled brats because they do not automatically get their own way, have to get off their butts and do political battle. That's what open, free speech discussions and compromise and checks and balances is all about.

The United States rocks! I believe in it when it is run according to the way it was intended. Four separate branches to keep things on te up and up. It's working better than ever right now.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Choose happiness today

Simply a short "Pollyanna" type post today for us adult type folks.

What with all the bickering back and forth regarding politics and life styles and cultural and religious differences. How bout we just set it aside for today and accept that happiness flows from inside us and is as often as not, a matter of choice. Keeping in mind a million dollar government grant funded research commission, after a solid year of interviewing hundreds of people found that those of us who merely "think" we are happy, are just as happy as those of us who "actually are: happy.

So, I offer the suggestion that today, if you aren't actually happy, at least give an attempt to think youare happy and thoroughly enjoy the rest of your day blissfully and giddy. Make it your choice without any interference fro any humbug naysayers.
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