Friday, March 4, 2011

AARP members/books

AARP members and the book "Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime" are a perfect fit. However, there is no way I can possibly afford to advertise in the monthly magazine or bulletin. How else am I going to reach you? Blogs, facebook and twitter, but I need your help to do it. Joe's Story is a great read. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting in anticipation of the next page filled with adventure and memories. Because most of us soon forget our experiences there are not many true stories out there quite like this. I'm asking you to help me get the word out there by putting the website on any of your social networking.

The reviews are excellent. I am not bragging because this autobiography is not so much about me but about all those people we all know that have accomplished exceptional things in the face of adversity and seemingly insurmountable odds. There are a lot of hero's that pass through our lives relatively unnoticed. Not so in Joe's Story. It is a book you will never regret reading and will in all likelihood read several times.

Lets face it, we've all gone through good and bad times in our lives. We share the trials, pains and tribulations but also we share the adventure, laughter, exhilaration and sense of accomplishment by simply making it this far too. Now I want to share a great thing with you. This is the only way I can do it. Help spread the word about Joe's Story to everyone you know. Together we can help a lot of people experience a better life and enjoy a few laughs along the way. I'd appreciate it. Thanks................Joe Cramer, Author......Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Senior bloggers attention

Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime Written by me, Joe Cramer is an excellent book. I need your help. Over the past couple of years since Joe's Story was published a number of hurdles have prevented me from properly promoting it. Water over the dam and the fact remains that Joe's Story is still a wonderful, historical, often humerous, true story. I appeal to seniors because as a rule they are discretionary and prefer to not waste time or money on second rate stuff. I ask that you check out and mention it on your blog or any other social network you use.

Millions of people are using twitter and facebook as a means of social communication. I do not participate because of time restraints. I need the help of as many senior bloggers, twitterers and facebookers as possible to get the word out about Joe's Story. While it may not be a classic piece of literature, for those of us that experienced the 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's, Joe's Story will tickle your memories and emotions and bring a smile to your face like few other books can.

Yes, this is a blatant attempt at promotion. At this time there is are no other means available to me so I ask those of you who have gone through much of what I have to assist me in my quest: Getting Joe's Story out there in the hands of those who will appreciate its relevance and life improving sentiments. I have not received any unflattering reviews of it. I have received hundreds of positive comments and most people that have read it say that their life is more meaningful now. I couldn't ask for a better outcome, could you?

In the past we all used to help each other. Today is the beginning of my on line promotion of Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime. Give me a hand if you can. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you in advance................Joe

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, This is not a comment regarding any facet of your many talents. I haven't seen enough of your cherades or listened to enough of your music to form any opinion so don't get bent out of shape. I am not an admirer or distractor. It wouldn't be any skin off my nose if I never heard your name again. You and Charlie Sheen are all over the news so it's kind of hard not to know who you are. Kind if like snow, ice and slush, the flu, a clod or diahria, whether I like it or not I have to deal with them from time to time. I do wish to express an opinion about your choice in clothing, or perhaps the lack of it.

Dress or undress as you feel befits your station in life. Like a princess, a frog or a person completely lacking in taste. You don't need anybody's permission, nor do you feel you are subject to any standards of decency. Just one thing: Don't mess with the integrity of a Nun or her dress. You cross a line when you make fun of some of the most dedicated women in society. Nuns have sacrificed at great personal cost in order to bring solace to ailing people, education to kids, comfort to the aged and hope to the hopeless.

In your recent show you chose to dress in mockery of nuns. May I humbly suggest you reconsider ever doing that again. Your shows only last for a short while, your popularity for a little longer, your looks are not ageless, talent is only a gift, but forever is a long, long time. When you mock those people who have given their all for others it is a good thing to remember that forever thing and that God always has the last word. Always! I'm not a prude but I do know the difference between right and wrong. Have fun Lady Gaga, just leave our nuns alone. I'm just sayin'.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen and Mohamar Khadaffi

With all due respect to everyone, Charlie Sheen and Mohamar Khadaffi sound very much the same: Out of touch with the real world. Talking as if the all of humanity must bow to their superiority. When the speak their eyes are wide open and sort of wild looking. They both exhibit completely unpredictable behavior. They are both making totally ridiculous demands. They both think they are irreplaceable. They both believe everyone either does or should love them. They both seem to be delusional in every way. The difference is that what Mr. Khadaffi does affects the lives of millions and it's not laughable. Charlie Sheen isn't dangerous except to himself and those in his immediate vicinity.

Charlie Sheen will eventually pass into the night after his tirades become boring and redundant and will have little overall affect on us except as a temporary diversion. What happens with Mr. Khadaffi will ultimately affect the world and he will be rewarded accordingly.

As I begin my day I think it's important I remember just how totally unimportant I am in the scope of things. However, both Mr. Khadaffi and Mr. Sheen are only doing what people allow them to do. I think things are about to change for both of them. Talk about psychological distress. I'm just Sayin'.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Headache remedies

Trying to get rid of a headache can be baffling sometimes. Recently I resorted to some of the old methods my dad told me about:

Pinch the top of my nose and humm.
Pace back and forth shaking my head from side to side.
Stand on my head in the corner.
Put one arm behind my back and stretch my neck in the opposite direction.
Roll my eyes around 25 times.
Roll my head around on my neck 25 times in each direction.
Put a warm wet washcloth on my forehead.
Put my fingers in my ears and make a lah, lah, lah sound.
Continuously rub the muscles extending up the sides of my neck.
I did the vacuuming which was my mom's tried and true method.
Watch television while sitting in a rocking chair.

As good as these ideas may be, none of them worked for me. So, at the risk of being seen as rude, I simply opened the door and asked him to leave. He'd been there far too long. He actually continued to talk as I closed the door behind him. Nice guy but he can be a real pain sometimes. You know what I mean?
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