Saturday, January 29, 2011

Riddle clue and a surprise gift

On Tuesday of this coming week another clue, clue #3 of the 30th annual Silver Treasure Hunt will be disclosed. I never know ahead of time which clue will bring the winner. And, even if the clue is needed. One year the winner came in the door with the medallion in hand the evening before the 2nd clue came out. The game goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and with that many people looking the outcome is always an open book. people from all walks of life are searching too. Last week a group of retired ladies entered my office, newspaper in hand, asking all sorts of questions rapid fire. I couldn't answer anything except do a little clarification of the rules but it was enjoyable for me to hear their pleasure with the hunt. The hunt is to educate about Carbon monoxide poisoning but I see no harm in all of us having fun while we are participating in it.

A couple of days ago I made a remarkable discovery: A computer memory stick that had been lost for a number of years. It contains a number of short stories and jingles I had written for my kids as they were growing up. When I moved my office there were boxes and boxes of records and computer accessories and myriads of unnecessary paperwork to sort and organize. For some reason a small file box made its way to the top corner edge of an inside office wall. Evidently it dropped into a small open area in between the wallboard and there it stayed until this week. The furnace that hangs from the ceiling above my office had to be serviced and the technician happened to break away a bit of the wall while he was climbing down, out fell the file box. Now, in the early morning hours when I can't sleep I am putting the finishing touches on those stories and jingles. It's fun and satisfying dealing with something I felt was lost forever.

Every day contains a gift. Sometimes the gift is hidden and unexpectedly turns up, then it's even richer. Like a cupcake with a surprise filling.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Writing, motivation and Joe's Story

While writing Joe's Story I had to constantly remind myself why I was writing it. The entire process took 13 years. Try not to laugh at my snail's pace but please bear in mind I'd never written an autobiography before and I was working with a reincarnated memory with no education in composition, grammer or journalism. The driving force was strictly recording the gift that had been returned to me after two years of amnesia and the possibility that it may accomplish some good in this world of ours. That was my reasoning. If you are presently writing something in hopes of publication ask yourself what your motivation is. Knowing that will get you through the tough times when words don't come so easily.

I've spoken to dozens of hopeful authors, their reasons are varied from financial to missionary from egotistical to gratitude. What do you hope to accomplish? Becoming a best seller author requires a dedication that doesn't come by chance. Focus is critical to success. If no one told you before I will tell you now a basic fact about becoming a published author: There are 10,000 other hopeful authors submiting their own literary wonders every month. Yes, that's right, every month. And, in my opinion that may very well be a conservative figure these days. So, if you are not 100% dedicated to your book and you don't have the time to promote it you'll remain an unknown author wannabe.

I'm not saying that to discourage you. I'm saying that to encourage you to write even more. However, write for the sake of writing something meaningful. Personal satisfaction comes from having completed your task. If your task is to write a best seller you must write with passion and motivation greater than 9.999 others are writing with at this very moment. Choose you subject well and educate yourself about it. My subject was as easy as it was complicated, it was my own life experience, how could I go wrong? Although I hoped it would reach the top ten list of best sellers that was not my motivation, I wanted it to accomplish some good for anyone that read it. From what I am told it is doing just that. Dozens of people have told me that reading Joe's Story has brought a change for the better to their life. One of my favorite comments was a fellow saying that reading Joe's Story did him more good than ten years of therapy by a psychiatrist. He bought another copy for his therapist. I think of that as a sign I have accomplished my goal. I hope you accomplish yours also. Remember why you are writing in the first place, don't lose focus. It will serve you well................Joe

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writing lesson one-0-one Coaches wisdom

Writing is an acquired skill. Writing has its rules: Spelling, structure, grammar, context, emphasis, pathos and all other sorts of things that bring it into being understandable and meaningful. My writing coach had a boatload of advice for me regarding the world of writing. It was his opinion you see that I was an excellent writer, I just didn't write well as far as the rules are concerned. In all the time we worked together he focused on my unorthodox style of writing. "With a down home, self taught, meandering, innocent but honest openness." I wondered if that was a compliment or an insult. He said it was neither, it was meant as directional influence. I'm still working on that. He did encourage me to write at every opportunity, about just about anything that crossed my mind and tackle the rules as I encountered them. The result, he said was I would eventually fully realize my writing potential. He also suggested I blog on literature sites and maybe some day I would be discovered.

I thought for a long time regarding blogging on a literature site, I didn't regard my writing as anywhere near being described as literature. I finally questioned my coach about the literature blogging and this is what he said: "If I wrote on a site that would be occasionally viewed by people interested in literature I would receive the most sincere criticism available which would result in my improvement as a writer. Cheaper than a writing coach too." I had to agree with the cheaper part. So, anyway I've been writing on this blog ever since in hopes that he is correct.

The coach shared a few other nuggets too.
*A writer never receives encouragement from "writing experts" in my close geographical area. (He was correct in that one.)
*A writer receives encouragement from the most unlikely sources. Right again!
*Writing about anything beats not writing. I feel great when I write, about anything, so right again.
*Those people that can't write with my open honesty will be my worse critics. I can't answer that.
*When all is said and done and written, the one I have to please and remain true to is myself. We'll see when all is said and done I guess.
*Don't trust anyone with your personal writings. I agree, I've had some of mine taken.
*To have a best seller I have to be either an exceptionally great writer or have written something exceptionally meaningful. Not necessarily in combination. I'm working on that.
*The only measure of good writing is if it has accomplished some sort of good. I try to do that with every word and I'm happy with that.
*If you write to make money you may have to compromise your purpose or morals. I haven't done that.

He said a lot of other things that I have written down for my own self improvement hopes. Do I want to write a best seller? Yup! I actually did once. I didn't have to compromise. All of his wisdom isn't correct all the time. But, I just keep writing away. I feel better, and according to my writing coach a lot of mediocre writers have someone to criticise. That is doing some good with my writing isn't it? I am a published author several times over. I have been offered a possible movie option. I still haven't been discovered. Maybe I'm still learning what that means.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Writing lesson

Yesterday I spent several hours composing one of the most interesting and informative postings I've ever done. At the crack of dawn I arose from my slumber with my head filled with ideas for this blog. Many comments and emails from friends and followers often ask questions I'm unable to answer at the time for one reason or another. So, I place them in a folder for future consideration. Yesterday was my day for future consideration. I was inspired and motivated. After church I sat down and researched the material. made notes and got started. My fingers flew across the keyboard as if they had a mind of their own. Everything was falling together like a mental jig saw puzzle. Letters formed words, words formed sentences, sentences formed ideas and ideas blended into massive accumulations of common sense. My writing was exquisitely fluent, professional and riveting.

The subject matter involved our quest for a healthy lifestyle without being consumed by it and limiting our total life experience. Some topics included: diet, exercise, meditation, faith, recreation, motivation and how to put them all together and be happy and stress free. Knowledge is empowering was part of the main theme. How to obtain correct knowledge was the driving motivator, driving home the importance of resources other than friends or self proclaimed know-it-all acquaintances. I was filled with enthusiasm through to my soul, my message was upbeat and filled with hope. I thought of nothing else while I was writing. The rest of the world was put on hold.

While I was busy writing the rest of the world went on without me. In my solitude I forgot something. The "save" button. My server went down and all was lost despite my efforts to retrieve it. Gone! I don't know what I could have done to prevent this from happening but I'm on a mission to find out just what that may be. You never know when I might wake up and write that way again. Meanwhile, stay healthy and happy......................Joe
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