Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Sunday, the easy part.

We've got the easy part of Easter don't we?! We don't have to hide our affiliation with this Jesus guy for fear of persecution or death. At least in this country for the most part anyway. We don't have to stand in a crowd of otherwise, good people, incited by a bunch of powerful religious leaders, yelling at the top of their lungs to hang him. "Free the murderer instead!" they said. Leaving the authorities no other choice than to humiliate and torture this innocent man and then hang him on a cross to die, slowly and painfully. What would it have been like to experience all that? Can we even imagine such horror? We'll never really know. It's done! We can meditate, we can pray, we can fast, we can give up things, but none of it compares with those three days over 2000 years ago. It had to be done to give us sinners a way back. There was nothing we could do to make up for our disappointing ways of life. It had to be someone who could handle it with faith, love and kindness. Of course that doesn't mean we will all follow that path but it is there for any of us that does.

During Lent we prepare, on Holy Thursday we remember the last supper and the washing of his feet. On Good Friday we read again of the last hours, the cruelty, the pain, and finally, death. On Holy Saturday we go about our mourning in every possible way. On Easter Sunday we bring ourselves together to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. No matter how hard we try, I don't think it's possible to imagine how it all went down, hard as we try, we simply can't.

So, for our part, what is left is the acceptance and celebration of the door that was opened to us. That's the easy part. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!
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