Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture/end of the world/May 21st

The rapture is upon us!

Does that mean that if we aren't scooped up and swept to our heavenly reward today at 6:00pm we are not saved and destined to go to hell? I guess that's a personal opinion and one way or another we're going to find out eventually.

I have thoughts about all this hullabaloo about the rapture happening today. I'm not saying I'm right, I'm simply saying I have a different perspective based on my personal faith and knowledge.

Number one: The good book says that the end will come like a thief in the night, no one will know the time. OK, I believe that.

Number two: The Lord said He will always be with us, do not be afraid.

Number three: From everything I have read it is my understanding that it is God's job to save us. I do not believe that I should be over confident in that department.

Number four: Many of those believers I have spoken to have made some pretty intense preparations for after they are taken up, I wonder why. It's almost like if they make more preparations then the Lord will not want to disappoint them. I really don't think preparations are important right now. It's heaven for heaven's sake!

Number five: Why should I or anyone else worry about such matters in the first place? Whatever happens to us individually is a result of how we conducted our lives. It was all explained to us and we had the opportunity to do the right thing. Regardless of how you believe that's the way it is. I know a guy that has done everything to cater to his own needs. He believed that all of us are responsible for our own needs and it was not his responsibility to help anyone else. He has made preparations for the rapture today. He has gone to his cottage with lots of food , money and other staples to wait. Alone! And by the way, what's he going to do with all that money?

I'm not saying yes or no. I'm just asking. Several years ago hundreds of people got into their camping trailers, AKA "escape pods", went to a mountain top and awaited their turn to be taken into heaven behind Haley's comet as it went by. The professed prophet charged money for their camping spots. There were a whole lot of disappointed people but one prophet with bulging pockets. The good book also says t beware of false prophets. I'm just asking?............Have a wonderful day either way..................Joe
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