Thursday, March 9, 2017

Nancy Pelosi and how she speaks

This is not a political statement in any manner or form, nor is it judgmental. Simply seeing and hearing as life is sometimes stranger than fiction in this atmosphere of late of fake news.

Just this morning I listened to Nancy Pelosi speaking on how she feels about replacing the Affordable Care Act. (I am paraphrasing here because I cannot remember the exact words so bear with me, te context is accurate to the best of my ability.) In effect she said, This has to be well thought out and gone over piece by piece to make sure we all know just how it works so there are no problems. In essence that is what she said to my ears. Now we go back about seven years to when the Affordable Care Act was being shoved through over the objections of many, (Here again I paraphrase. but reasonably accurate.)  We don't know how it's going to work until we pass it. We have to pass it to find out.

You can't make that stuff up can you?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day

My hat is off to women of integrity everywhere. My life has been blessed with women who match up to that. My wife, my mother, my sister, my daughter and my mother in law to name a few of those closest to and most influential over the years. Truthfully they do not need nor have they asked for a special day to get my love and respect. Their good character, strength in adversity, loyalty and love draws that without asking They didn't hide those qualities under a bushel basket nor did they flaunt them. Being around them is an honor. May God bless them and grant them peace in their hearts and happiness and comfort in their trials. .....Every day of the year, not just one. (After all, they knew me and still talked to me.)
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