Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Me and Pope Francis. Merry Christmas!

Being Pope is a huge responsibility. I could not even come close to guessing the complexities of it all. Some Popes in the past have handled it well, some not. Imperfect Humans leading God's own perfect church. Wow! I keep Pope Francis in my prayers, he may need them.

During a discussion with an really, really smart acquaintance a while ago the topic of conversation was language and proper interpretation. He had spent over 5 decades studying written and spoken languages. Being a man of deep faith he combined his career with his love by studying biblical translations in minute detail. He enlightened me regarding a few common mistakes in common word usage.

According to his research, In the commandment: Thou shalt not kill- the actual translation is Thou shalt not "murder" It does make a difference.

Another point he made was one that has affected me very much. In the Lord's Prayer the first line, in most cases, reads: "Our Father, Who art in Heaven". He has another, much more surprising translation. Because he was surprised himself with his discovery he spent a lot of time making sure he had it right. Even though it makes most people a bit uncomfortable because we are dealing with our God. The correct translation he found was far more intimate in nature when it was taught to us by Jesus himself. The first two words, if translated in their pure meaning become much more personal. It then becomes one word, in today's common language, "Daddy" It's intimate a prayer.

When I read about Pope Francis and his desire to be open. personal, non-elitist and caring for even the least visible in our world, I see a person filled to overflowing with the love of God. In contemplating the translation of the Lord's prayer and the address of "Daddy" I wonder if thinking of the Pope as a more familial "Frank" would be disrespectful. Just in thought you understand.

Merry Christmas!
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