Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Laws, how many is too many?

I wonder sometimes if the often spoken statement about the U.S of A. becoming a nation of unenforceable laws is true. We have local, district, state and even national police, hard working and dedicated roaming around with a ten inch thick book of laws to enforce. My Gosh! How can they function? Silly laws, important laws, short laws, rambling laws, laws with so many technical aspects even the lawmakers don't understand them. I guess the case could be made that an officer could designate most anything as illegal and be close to one law or another. You can't fly a kite or ride a bike, utter a name or remark, drive a car or go fishing without fear of breaking this or that law. Getting through a day without doing at least one thing wrong is almost impossible in my opinion.

Oh, the heck with it! I'm probably breaking a law right now. That's probably why it's so difficult to publish my postings. Here goes again.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Posting, publishing, blogging, failing

My typing is slow, my thoughts well considered, my actions deliberate and cautious, in spite of all that my postings are sometimes great, sometimes rambling. When I consider that anything I publish here will be someplace forever I do my level best not to make a fool of myself. Sometimes I succeed. I enjoy blogging. It is a much needed diversion in a normally busy and chaotic life style. In a perfect world I would have enough time to complete my next installment of Joe's Story, tweek the children's books I've already written and have them published, complete my bicycle trip around Lake Michigan and have time left over to sip an ice tea on the back veranda. That is if I actually had a back veranda. Blogging helps me through the reality of actual time limitations and dreams not being fulfilled. It's pretty close to being 'fun."

Yesterday, once again I woke up early, my mind filled to overflowing with hope and looking forward to sharing an extremely humorous story with you about the wonders and safety warnings of sugar and salt. There are times when everything falls together and posting become memorable and well worth any one's read. Yesterday was one of those times. Laborious and time consuming but filled with my own laughter I pressed on in my mission of sharing the words that flowed from my mind and onto the screen. I was in a zone I tell you. It was incredible, profound and, dare I say hilarious. Then came time to click on the "Publish" icon.

I have to figure out just what I'm doing wrong here because for the umpteenth time my hours of typing and composition dissolved into never never land and are gone forever. Such was my experience yesterday. It took me a few minutes to absorb the consequences of my lack of computer skills. On to another day. I find the whole thing rather humorous now that it's over. Rather, but not completely. Somewhere there is a computer gremlin laughing his butt off reading the posting he stole from me. Now I get to click on the publish icon again and see what happens. If you read this it worked. If you don't, it didn't.
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